Inspera On-line Proctoring and Digital Evaluation Platform Provides Assorted eBooks Associated to On-line Evaluation Options

Inspera’s Digital Assessment Platform offers a selection of assorted ebooks on digital assessments for institutions and educators.

Inspera, the global digital assessment and remote proctoring solution provider, releases an assortment of ebooks on the company’s website related to digital assessment. The ebooks can help improve student satisfaction with digital assessment and online proctoring.

Inspera is a leading-edge European digital assessment provider

Inspera is the industry leader in providing digital educational assessments. The hard-won achievement is the result of its TechEd expert team’s dedicated efforts to bridge the gap between the technology and tools used by students in the classroom and professional settings. The free ebooks offered to institutional leaders and faculty s by the company are one of many steps Inspera has taken to help educators learn the processes and benefits of digital assessments and online proctoring

One of the most helpful ebooks in the selection is titled “The Inspera Experience,” a comprehensive introduction to Inspera as a digital assessment platform for faculty and students. It provides institutional leaders with the basic knowledge of how Inspera facilitates their teachers and instructors to create seamless assessments. They are also instructed about the assessment formats offered when utilizing an Inspera-based test solution. These formats may be open-book, closed-book, oral, formative, credit-bearing coursework, summative assessments, or a combination of any of these. They will be able to understand that Inspera provides a purpose-built, collaborative assessment creation platform that facilitates both test creators and test takers. Next, educators are guided through the process of taking online tests. This ebook is especially useful for faculty who are novices to the platform’s features. It includes instructions before delivering the exam, things to be careful about during the assessment, and finally, what to expect after completing the online test.

The other ebook titles available for readers include “The Complete Roadmap to Online Assessment,” “How to Create Better Exams,” and “Getting Assessment Right.”

“All of the ebooks currently offered on the company’s website are free,” said an Inspera spokesman. “They can help readers learn more about online assessment procedures and Online Proctoring and are a good place to start for people who are new to the concept. Anyone interested in learning about specific Inspera Assessment features should read the Practical Guide to Improving Student Assessment Experience. There is also an ebook available on the website that details how the University of Gothenburg, the Caribbean Examinations Council, and the University of Bath accomplished the switch to digital assessment and what their students’ experiences were with this change. These ebooks are first-hand accounts from organizations that switched from traditional to digital or online assessment.”

Visit the Inspera Assessment website at to learn more about the digital assessment platform and tools needed to begin with online test proctoring and get access to various ebooks on the subject. These ebooks will be handy for institutions and faculty in helping them develop the mindset necessary to use the Online test platform and digital learning as a regular part of their routine studies.

About Inspera

Inspera is a leading-edge European digital assessment provider providing test-takers with equal opportunities to prove their skills in an authentic and fully digital manner. Inspera empowers colleges and universities to deliver secure assessments, standardized tests, open and closed book exams, as well as formative and diagnostics tests, either on-site or fully remotely. The company’s unique end-to-end platform and remote proctoring services are enhanced by customer service support that ensures successful institution-wide adoption and rollout. Founded in 1999, Inspera is on a mission to improve education on a global scale. With more than 200 dedicated EdTech entrepreneurs collaborating to revolutionize the assessment process.


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