Inspera Provides Insights Into Generative AI’s Place in Assessments

The world’s leading digital exam platform provides crucial information to educators and institutions.

Inspera, the world’s leading online test platform, offers insights into generative AI’s place in assessments to help educators and institutions make informed decisions.

There is no denying that the world of education has changed dramatically with the latest technologies. Inspera has remained at the forefront of the fast-evolving landscape with its online assessment platform and digital examination ecosystem, which is widely recognized by clients in more than 160 countries across five continents. The positive client reviews the Ed-Tech company has received speak volumes about the quality of its products and services.

Those looking for computer online testing solutions for their institutions or organizations will be pleased to note that Inspera offers an end-to-end ecosystem, human and remote proctoring services and plagiarism checking solutions. The top-notch online test proctoring platform stays ahead of the curve by adopting cutting-edge technologies and innovations that provide many advantages to clients.

Aside from facilitating successful institution-wide adoption and implementation, Inspera is committed to empowering clients with relevant insights, tips, and data to make informed choices. Recently, it delved into the discussion around generative AI in assessments.. As artificial intelligence plays a growing role in the education industry, the question of whether it is a friend, foe, or something else has been on many people’s minds.

The top online assessment platform sought to answer this question in the insightful article it just released. Inspera aims to shift the conversation beyond concerns about its misuse and focus on the positive impact generative AI can have on assessments. Comparing it to the advent of search engines, the article implies that, although these technologies don’t necessarily make people smarter, they offer faster access to information. According to the article, generative AI takes things one step further.

“A well-crafted prompt will return results in seconds. Its accuracy can be hit and miss, partly based on your prompt, partly based on what it knows, and partly on its inherent ability to process data,” revealed the expert. Moreover, the renowned online assessment platform asserts that AI will only improve with time and reminds readers that there is still much room for human involvement in the process.

With the rise in the use of generative AI, it might become essential for authentic assessments in the future. The article sheds light on AI policy considerations and digital environments for the benefit of educators and institutions. Finally, it talks about how educators can review their assessment questions and how to generate them.

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