Jake Paul vs. Tyron Woodley: spherical after spherical reporting

Jake Paul will look to improve his professional boxing record to 4-0 on Sunday when he faces his toughest opponent, former UFC champ Tyron Woodley.

Paul’s first professional fight was against fellow YouTuber Ali Eson Gib, and it followed with fights against former NBA player Nate Robinson and former UFC fighter Ben Askren.

Woodley is making his boxing debut. He went 19-7-1 in the UFC and won the welterweight championship in June 2016, defending the title four times.

At 39, Woodley is 15 years older than 24-year-old Paul. At 5 feet 9 he is 10 cm shorter than the 6-1 Paul.

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USA TODAY Sports has a lap analysis:


Woodley looks unorthodox in his demeanor. Squat. Paul performs with jabs. Now a straight O-body. Woodley doesn’t look like a boxer. Might not matter. Throws a jab. Landing not. Paul lands with a double jab. Paul throws jabs again. Not much movement from Woodley. Paul lands a combination of punches. Woodley looks very stiff. Missed with an overhand right. Paul 10, Woodley 9.


Woodley comes out aggressive, but Paul responds with his right hand. Woodley throws a wild left. Paul looked measured now. Woodley lands a solid jab. Paul answers with a right to the body. Woodley rushes forward with a strong right. It’s distracted. Paul lands a combination. But Woodley is coming back. Looks more comfortable now. Paul seems to respect Woodley’s power. Do not rush. Paul 20, Woodley 18.


Woodley is more aggressive. Stalking. Pack up Paul and hit his body. Paul is ready to wait for an opening. Woodley lands two solid punches. Seems to be more comfortable. But Paul answers with the left. And another. Woodley certainly more aggressive, but still not a big payout. Big uppercut from Paul. Woodley shakes it off. The crowd gets restless as the action wears off. Fighters exchange words at the end of the round. Paul 29, Woodley 28.


Woodley suddenly seems to be in control. Even if Paul lands a solid left. Paul secures himself. Paul with jabs. Then joins the body with a great right. More body work. But Woodley is stalking. But Paul the more active fighter with those fists. Woodley rocked Paul. Woodley lands a big jab. Paul shaky. Here comes Woodley. Left countries. Fighter wrapped up. Suddenly everything is Woodley. Woodley 38, Paul 38.


Woodley aggressive when the round starts. Woodley lands with a stiff right uppercut. Paul is aggressive but looks tired. Woods lands justifiably. The tone has changed dramatically. Woodley exudes confidence. Paul joins in with a solid left. Another solid link from Paul. Some wild blows. Paul 48, Woodley 47.


Wrestling against the ropes. Now separated. Both fighters look either exhausted or unwilling … Here comes Paul. Big hits. Paul looks like new. Woodley stalks but no significant blows. Paul lands on the left hook again. Woodley lands left, but too little late to win this round. Paul 58, Woodley 56.


Woodley strangely inactive. Paul doesn’t take any chances. Then a big left lands, but Woodley joins too. Paul throws jabs. Landing too. Woodley seems to be charging for a knockout punch. But Paul is the only one who lands punches, including a solid right. Woodley responds with a left. Paul 68, Woodley 65.


Woodley seems to know he needs a knockout. Paul knows it too, but he exchanges big blows. Paul active with jabs. But he knows the deal: all he has to do is stay on his feet to win. More stitches. Woodley is running out of time. Woodley throws jabs, but that’s not enough. Woodley rushes in and lands, but fighters are tied up. Woodley’s big right, but Paul is still on his feet. Paul 78, Woodley 74.

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