Jefferson County well being officers order masks for everybody in colleges

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Students who start classes in Jeffco schools on Tuesday must at least wear masks regardless of age or vaccination status.

The Jefferson County’s Department of Health issued an order on Monday mandating masks for people ages 2 and up in childcare and K-12 schools. The order also requires that all unvaccinated students and staff participating in extracurricular activities undergo routine tests starting September 7th during the school year.

“In the past few weeks we have seen schools in other parts of the country that do not require masking send large numbers of students home in quarantine and even close schools,” said Dr. Dawn Comstock, Executive Director of Jefferson County Health Care. “While our department has issued very strong guidelines for Jeffco schools and childcare facilities recommending the wearing of masks, unfortunately too few schools and childcare facilities have adopted this safe and effective containment strategy.”

In a message to the families, the Jeffco School District announced that, despite the establishment of a medical and religious exception procedure in place, the public health code does not allow religious exceptions, only medical ones.

The Jeffco Ordinance goes into effect Tuesday and applies to all schools in the county, including charter schools and private schools.

The order also requires schools to keep students six feet apart when removing their masks indoors, such as during lunch.


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