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VENICE, Italy (dpa) – Jessica Chastain has been friends with Oscar Isaac since her Julliard days, but says it is “a blessing and a curse” to play his wife in a remake of Ingmar Bergman’s classic “Scenes From a Marriage” , which premiered Saturday at the Venice Film Festival.

It was a blessing because they didn’t have to get to know each other and could be brutally honest with each other. But it was also a curse because they couldn’t break their togetherness and got to the point where we read each other’s thoughts!

“So I thought, ‘Get out of my head!'” Chastain told reporters before the premiere. “With this job I had the feeling that there is no quiet time.”

The project was an intense project that reinterpreted, in a contemporary American context, the unraveling of a marriage portrayed in Bergman’s 1973 Swedish television miniseries, in which Bergman’s longtime partner Liv Ullmann starred. In this five-part HBO series directed by Hagai Levi, gender roles are essentially reversed and circumstances updated.

Isaac, who has two other films in Venice, agreed that their close friendship presented “challenges of their own” in making such an inherently tense project since “you care so much about the person”.

The two, who starred together on “A Most Violent Year” in 2014, used an intimacy coordinator and lots of conversation to plan the bedroom scenes to make sure they were both comfortable.

Finding their kids in the same playgroup together, Isaac said he and Chastain also watched movies together to see how to portray the sexual side of their relationship in order to make it seem truthful without going overboard walk.

“So often you don’t buy it, and then it can get too baseless and you don’t really buy it,” said Isaac.

Chastain said she appreciated talking through the characters and planning their relationship ahead of time.

“I’d still be ashamed, so bourbon helped a lot,” Chastain said, chuckling. “But the confidence was high.”

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