Jodie Comer requested to strangle followers | leisure

Jodie Comer revealed that fans are asking her to strangle her.

The 28-year-old actress plays the assassin Oksana Astankova / Villanelle in the successful TV series “Killing Eve”.

Jodie told BBC Radio 1, “I get a lot of people who ask me to put the accent or they say, ‘Can you say I’m going to kill you?’ Or when I’m in a picture with someone, it is like, ‘Can you pretend you’re strangling me?’ but mostly to set the accent. “

Jodie also admitted that she enjoys taking items out of Villanelle’s closet, but admits that show bosses try to “hold onto” them.

The ‘Free Guy’ star said, “I definitely use Killing Eve costumes if I may, although they kind of cling to them now, ‘adding that she’s taking Villanelle’s shoes because they’re’ really good”.

The actress stars alongside Ryan Reynolds in “Free Guy” and admits she was amazed by the “Deadpool” star’s work ethic.

Jodie recalls, “When I was working with Ryan and seeing how he works and how fast his brain works, I said to him, ‘How do you do this?’ And he says, ‘I prepare, I do the work.’

“But he’s going to be on set and if there’s a certain type of line that’s a joke that he might have made a couple of times and he says, ‘I want to try something new,’ he’ll have five done and everyone is as funny as last time. And everyone behind the camera is laughing out loud. But it’s so incredible to see and learn. “

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