Kaesong Assortment Unveils the Hidden Treasures of Korean Artwork

Showcasing Exquisite Korean Art Collection of Renowned Artists from the Land of Morning Calm

Frans Broersen is pleased to unveil the hidden treasures of Korean Art online. The website is now showcasing an exquisite Korean art collection by renowned artists from Korea, also known as the Land of Morning Calm. Korea is a place that comes with natural beauty in unimaginable abundance. This country is nothing less than a painting in itself, featuring stunning mountains, serene landscapes, clear waters, and eye-catching flora and fauna. Many celebrated artists have captured the visual splendor, and thanks to Frans Broersen, the entire world can now experience the picturesque marvel through the eyes of the painters.

Kaesong Collection
Kaesong Collection

BTB Art now presents Kaesong Korean Art Collection, which comprises high-quality Korean artworks. Frans Broersen acquired all the paintings from North Korea about 15 years ago. The collector calls them a rich selection of hidden treasures. The collection includes the finest contemporary and modern oil paintings, drawings, and watercolor paintings. Created by master artists such as Jong Chang Mo, Tak Hyo Yeon, Son U Yong, Kim Sung Hui, Rim Ryul, and Kim Song Min, among many others, this expansive Korean Art Collection consists of award-winning paintings. These paintings were widely acclaimed in China, Japan, Thailand, The Philippines, and South Korea.

The Kaesong Collection was named after the beautiful and ancient city of Kaesong. Apart from its historical background, this place is also known for its cultural heritage. The Kaesong art collection was curated purely based on the work’s artistic value. Experts from the British Museum and Sotheby’s describe the Kaesong Collection as an “important cultural heritage of North Korea”. The British Museum in London also exhibits works of renowned North Korean Artists.

Kaesong Korean Art Collection brings out two important elements that contribute to the development of Korean painting. One is the most traditional art from the Far East Countries, and the other is a contemporary take, with the major subject being the landscape. The landscape paintings depict quaint mountains, waterfalls, rivers, lakes, and canyons. While this was the genre followed by yesteryear artists, the young artists express nature through symbols, birds, beasts, flowers, and fruits, and so on.

The Korean Art Collection is influenced by Chinese paintings right from the principal element of line to brush strokes. The collection features linear paintings from female painters such as Kim Song Min and Kim Sung Hui. Kaesong Collection is now on YouTube, showcasing the best artwork from Korean artists. Frans Broersen takes viewers through a documentary and the history behind curating this collection.

To learn more visit https://www.youtube.com/@KaesongCollection and https://www.kaesongcollection.com/collection/

About Kaesong Collection

Kaesong Collection was started by Frans Broersen, a Dutch art collector and co-owner of the BTB Art Foundation. His love and curiosity for North Korean Art motivated him to introduce Kaesong Collection in Europe. Frans Broersen bought around 2,000 paintings in 5 years, thereby collecting one of North Korean art’s expansive collections.



Kaesong Collection

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