Kim Kardashian and Grimes go for cheeky appears to be like on the 2021 Met Gala

Let’s face it: half the fun of the Met Gala is seeing celebrities dress up some of the most outrageous looks in fashion.

This year’s gala, entitled “In America: A Lexicon of Fashion,” aimed to “explore a modern vocabulary of American fashion,” according to a statement from the museum. And although this year’s looks weren’t quite as out there as the “warehouse” of the last gala, celebs were still delivering shocking couture.

Because what would fashion be without taking risks?

From a sword accessory made from melted weapons to a robot baby adjoining an outfit, here are the most outrageous looks from this year’s red carpet.

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Kim Kardashian serves up dementor vibes

Hey who is that  Gala watchers had to play a guessing game when Kim Kardashian strutted the red carpet in a Balenciaga ensemble that completely hid her face.

Hey who is that Met Gala viewers had to play a high-profile guessing game when Kim Kardashian strutted the red carpet in a Balenciaga ensemble that completely hid her face.

The completely black outfit stood out among the colorful looks and also featured two long trains. The reality star’s hair in a long black ponytail flowed behind her as she stepped up the Met Steps.

The look was lauded and mocked on Twitter, with some users saying it resembled ghostly creatures from the Harry Potter series.

“Kim K really goes to the Met Gala as a dementor,” @hanfromdastreet wrote.

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Dan Levy flaunts LGBT love

“Schitt’s Creek” star Dan Levy walked the red carpet early in the evening wearing a Loewe outfit and Cartier accessories that focussed on LGBT love, with a cartoon of two men kissing by David Wojnarovicz, who Died of AIDS in 1992.

“We wanted to celebrate queer love and visibility,” wrote Levy on Instagram before the gala. “Tonight we celebrate the resilience, love and joy of fellowship while honoring a crucial American voice that was stolen from us too soon.”

The look definitely stood out, with puffed sleeves and gold and black boots that grabbed attention.

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Kim Petras proudly represents horse girls

The German singer Kim Petras is coming to the Met Gala 2021 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York on September 13, 2021.

Pop star Kim Petras galloped on the red carpet in a look by Collina Strada, which should cheer all girls with a passion for horses. She wore a massive, artificial horse’s head over her chest, along with a long ponytail braid that resembled a ponytail.

“This is for the horse girls,” she told Reuters on the carpet. “Let’s go.”

Grimes wields sword as an accessory

Grimes took over the sentence

Grimes took the phrase “killing the red carpet” to a whole different level by bringing a sword as part of her looks.

The musician told Vogue on the red carpet that her outfit was inspired by the Dutch designer Iris van Herpen from the science fiction film “Dune” with Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya in the lead roles and is slated to be released on October 22, 1965 Frank Herbert’s novel of the same name.

The sword, she said, was made from melted down Colt AR-15 A3 rifles.

“I love America,” said Grimes, who is from Canada. “I know you shouldn’t be saying this, but I think anyone who is interested in art comes here and the best art in the world is here.”

“Please give me my green card, President Biden,” she added jokingly.

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Frank Ocean’s plus one is robot baby

Singer Frank Ocean brought a special guest to the Met Gala: a lime green robot baby that matches his green hair.

Singer Frank Ocean brought a special guest to the red carpet: a lime green robot baby to match his green hair.

“He’s a star, I’m a star,” Ocean told Vogue, referring to the robot.

“I see fashion and ourselves together as something that is influenced by the world,” he added.

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Cara Delevingne has strong words for patriarchy

Fashion is certainly a way of making a statement - and Cara Delevingne didn't mince words with her Christian Dior outfit.

Fashion is certainly a way of making a statement – and Cara Delevingne didn’t mince words with her Christian Dior outfit.

The actress’s white bulletproof vest bore the phrase “Peg the Patriarchy”, which she combined with white pants and heels. The choice of color was likely an allusion to the suffragettes of the 20th century who advocated women’s suffrage.

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