Kindness Magnificence Launches Two Model New Merchandise

Vitamin Rich Serum Stick and Oil To Milk Cleansing Balm set to offer exceptional benefits to customers

Kindness Beauty has launched two brand new products after the success of their bestselling Eye Repair Concentrate Mask. They have just launched a Vitamin Rich Serum Stick and Oil To Milk Cleansing Balm, in its earth-friendly skincare line to offer brilliant benefits to users.

There is a deep understanding of the importance of maintaining healthy skin, these plant-derived products work wonders for appearance and confidence. Today there is also a growing awareness of doing the right thing for the planet. And that’s exactly why Kindness Beauty was founded by Quynh Phan, a licensed esthetician, born in Vietnam but moved to the US when she was 12.

Vitamin Rich Serum Stick
Kindness Beauty

With her passion for skincare, where she had taken to creating her natural face masks, the idea for the company was born. It is an expert-led, US-based company that finds its roots in kindness towards the planet and animals and providing excellent skin care products. Since then it has taken Vegan Skincare and cruelty-free products to a whole new level, earning a positive reputation and glowing customer reviews. Each product is developed by Quynh and Mimi Kim, a skincare development professional with 30 years of experience developing skincare products for some of the world’s most recognized brands.

This healthier, earth-friendly skincare line consists of simple and multi-use products that use only the best plant-based ingredients. Moreover, Kindness Beauty has spent years formulating these products to ensure customers get the desired results. Its products are where botanicals meet science due to the ethically sourced products harnessed through state-of-the-art technology.

Every product from the company is tested by dermatologists, to ensure that it is safe for use and doesn’t irritate the skin. It is also considered one of the best Upcycled Skincare Brands because its ethically sourced upcycled Rambutan and Mangosteen in its products. By breathing second life into these fruits, the company is also breathing new life into people’s skin with its products.

Kindness Beauty has launched two new products to its expansive range of earth-friendly skincare supplies. Oil to Milk Cleansing Balm – a 3-in-one daily cleaner, is a plant-based vegan cleanser, an exfoliator, nourisher and hydrator all in one. It then gently cleans the skin while removing makeup. As one massages it into the skin it transforms into luxurious nourishing oil, without drying out the skin.

The Vitamin Rich Serum Stick is an anytime wax-free serum stick. Being a water-based serum stick it is simple and easy to use on the go. It thus provides the best hydration and rejuvenation anywhere, anytime.

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About Kindness Beauty

The expert-led and US-based company was founded on the concept of kindness to the planet and animals while also providing the highest-quality skincare that provides lasting results. It has made a positive reputation with its earth-friendly skincare line that consists of multi-use products created using the best plant-based ingredients.


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