Lake Council rejects statewide faculty masks mandate | Authorities and politics

The proposed health ordinance was also opposed by Council members Ted Bilski, D-Hobart, mainly on procedural grounds; Dan Dernulc, R-Highland; Christian Jörgensen, R-St. John; and Alfredo Menchaca, D-Gary.

Councilors only Charlie Brown, D-Gary; and Christine Cid, D-East Chicago, advocated following medical instructions from the chief of the Lake County Department of Health.

The proposed health ordinance would have had little practical impact, however, as almost every school society in Lake County already requires everyone in school to wear face masks as an alternative to quarantining students and teachers home for 14 days after exposure to someone positive COVID-19 being tested.

The county health department also lacks the staff and resources to enforce the order in private schools, which are currently mask-free, and the order is due to expire on September 30, and the county council, which is not due to meet on October 12, would have an extension have to agree.

Ride with Officer Jimmy Weller as he patrols the Lake Michigan area’s border as part of the Lake County Sheriff’s Naval Unit. Video by Connor Burge.

Connor Burge, The Times

But those facts did not stop mask opponents from besieging the council with “research” into the alleged ineffectiveness of masks in reducing the spread of the coronavirus or the myriad alleged harms associated with wearing masks in schools.

Although their arguments are unlikely to have strongly convinced the council, as several members specifically stated that the almost constant outbursts, screams and occasional profanity of the 100 or so mask opponents in the council chamber were inappropriate.

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