LOTO Carry’s LT Fashions Get New Improve, Bigger Weight Capability for Bigger Boats

This industry leader in the boat lift industry is constantly investing in advanced technological innovations.

LOTO Lift has recently updated its LT (Lifetime) Model, which can now be upgraded for larger weight capacities for those who wish to buy larger boats. This is yet another fine example that LOTO Lift is constantly innovating and investing in advanced technology, making them industry leaders in the boat lift category. Lifetime models are heavy-duty lifts, the strongest side-mount boat lifts on the water. The company specializes in all kinds of new and used side mount boat lift sales and accessories. These lifts are strong and sturdy and engineered for the Lake of the Ozarks. The structure is backed by heavy-duty frames and a lifetime warranty, hence the name Lifetime or LT Model.

LOTO Lift provides boat lift sales and service in Lake of Ozarks, Truman, Smithville, Table Rock, Pomme De Terre

The LT models are built for rough waters, wide slips, and back-over applications. These boat lifts (i.e., boat hoists) are designed for floating docks. The free-floating lift has poly bushings in all moving parts that aid in riding the waves quietly and smoothly. The non-corrosive poly tanks are designed to keep the steel above the waterline, thereby eliminating corrosion. The parallel tanks reduce the risk of failure and pressure the arms put on the dock. The brackets are all bolted, eliminating the need for welding on the dock.

LOTO Lift’s Lifetime boat hoists models are backed by lifetime poly tanks, lifetime galvanized frames, a five-year warranty on pitman arms and axles, a two-year warranty on the control unit, bypass valve and exhaust hose, lockable deck mount control unit with GFCI, 1” hose, and heavy-duty frame with all the steel outside the water. The LT model also comes with lifetime HDPE bunk boards made of thermoplastic polymer, which is strong and keeps mold, algae, mildew, and scum away from the bunk boards. This means there will be fewer or no boat lifting bunk carpet replacements.

Along with the LT Model (side-mount boat hoists), LOTO Lift offers shallow water lifts, front-mount boat lifts (FT Model), and PWC lifts. It also offers used boat lifts. It strives to provide top-quality models at fair and honest prices. The company also provides service and repairs for all the models available. As a pneumatic boat lifting specialist, it ensures that the boat lift is repaired, removed, or replaced correctly and quickly. It is committed to following the highest standards in the repair and relocation of the lifts. It serves most Missouri Lakes, from Table Rock and Lake of the Ozarks to Kansas City area lakes, and any public or private lake or river in between.

To learn more, visit https://lotolift.com/lt-model-side-mount-boat-lift-for-rough-water/

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LOTO Lift provides boat lift sales and service in Lake of Ozarks, Truman, Smithville, Table Rock, Pomme De Terre, and more. As one of the top-rated manufacturers of boat lifts, the company strives to meet customers’ expectations by engineering and producing innovative and premier lifts and accessories with an unbeatable warranty.


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