MarketGap Launches Its Amazon FBA Course Middle

Helps sellers get crucial insights to increase their product sales on Amazon

MarketGap has launched its Amazon FBA Course Center, which is set to become the comprehensive go-to resource for sellers, who can now get valuable tips and insights to boost their product sales on the global platform.

Fulfillment By Amazon is a service where Amazon stores take care of picks, packs, and shipping of products as well as returns and customer service on the behalf of sellers. The service has been effective and beneficial for many sellers. However it is important to remember that the results one gets are dependent on a range of factors including pricing, product choice, and effective management.

The option works well for beginners as well and can empower them to get wider reach for their brands. However to ensure success, it is important to know more about Amazon market place, FBA in particular. That often requires research and investment from sellers. And that’s exactly where this course center launched by MarketGap has its advantage. It is designed to ensure that sellers are equipped with the information they need to make smart decisions.

The AI powered Amazon sales estimator has been making its mark with clients by helping them identify market gap on Amazon. It does that by accurately estimating product sales, which they can benefit from. And now with its course center, it has brought an expansive resource for every Amazon Seller right at their fingertips. They can get all the insights they need in one place to boost their product sales on Amazon.

The course center has a vast collection of articles that are packed with information for sellers. For example, those who are keen on knowing ‘How to sell on Amazon without inventory’ will find the information they need in the article on the platform. They can also find out how to optimize product images for Amazon, right from dimension requirements to using them to make the right impact with potential customers.

FNSKU label on products is a crucial identifier for Amazon FBA sellers. The course center gets into the details of how to create these labels and use them to track and manage inventory efficiently. Sellers can also learn about differentiating them from other barcodes like SKU and UPC. Thus through proper label placement, sellers can ensure smooth fulfillment.

Amazon restocking fee is also something sellers need to be aware of. It is important to know that these fees can be based on reasons for returns, product type, item conditions and more. The course center offers sellers helpful tips and strategies to manage the fees better and avoid unnecessary charges. From the complete guide on the fees involved to private labels and more; this course center from MarketGap has it all for sellers in one place. To know more about it one can visit

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