Meal Plan Execs Completes The Acquisition Of Fearless Feeding

Meal Plan Pros, the platform renowned for its honest reviews of meal delivery services, has acquired Fearless Feeding and welcomed its readers into its fast-growing community.

Since its inception, Meal Plan Pros has been focused on ensuring that families can find the tools they need to ascertain healthy eating at every age. By offering honest reviews of meal delivery services and diet plans with the help of registered dieticians, the platform has become the comprehensive resource families need. It has established its name in the field with more than 52 meal services and over 320 servings sampled in 24+ product categories. was started by Bob and Jennifer, a husband and wife who set out to discover the best meal delivery services during the pandemicMeal Plan Pros

Those looking for the best Kids Meal Delivery options don’t have to look beyond the services talked about by Meal Plan Pros. Its expert team of professionals reviews them to ensure that families can promote healthy eating habits among the young ones. It also offers information on various diets, meal plans, and meal delivery options in appropriate categories to help readers easily find what they are looking for.

And now by completing the acquisition of Fearless Feeding, it is set to grow that abundance of knowledge for its readers. After all, the latter has also been dedicated to ensuring that healthy eating is possible for everyone. It came into being through the eponymous book written by Maryann Jacobsen and Jill Castle. The authors are registered dieticians with expertise in nutrition, who brought their vast experience to the well-known platform.

The book was written to cover every concern parents have about the dietary habits of kids of all age groups. From the right time to introduce babies to solid foods to empowering teens to make the right eating choices, the books covered it all for parents. Fearless Feeding’s website became an extension of that goal, allowing readers to get their hands on more relevant content, books by other authors and so much more. badge became a coveted possession for its readers, who would proudly display it on their website and blogs. And now that loyal and proud community is being welcomed by Meal Plan Pros, which is set to take that focus on healthy eating for every family member even further. From the best Kids Meal Delivery options to baby food plans, the platform will be equipped with all the relevant information parents need.

Meal Plan Pros will also do its best to connect parents with kid-focused companies so that they have access to products that are thoughtfully created for their young ones. Its registered dieticians will bring different meal plans that can be chosen based on every family’s specific requirements. They will also have access to the best meal delivery resources that make things easier.

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About Meal Plan Pros was started by Bob and Jennifer, a husband and wife who set out to discover the best meal delivery services during the pandemic. During the process, they acquired a great deal of knowledge about the industry and decided to share it with others. Students and parents now manage the site, and regular people try and test meal delivery services. The team also consists of registered dieticians responsible for creating healthy meal plans that address health and dietary needs.



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