Memorial Well being System staff really feel confused by the surge in COVID | Information, sports activities, jobs

MARIETTA – The Memorial Health System in Marietta has seen a significant surge in COVID-19 cases with patients from Ohio and West Virginia in the past few weeks, officials said.

Memorial currently has 56 COVID patients; 10 of them are ventilated, said Jennifer Offenberger, Associate VP, Service Excellence for Memorial Health System.

About 75-80 percent of the remaining patients are given high-flow oxygen to keep them from using a ventilator, she added.

Around 90 percent of the current COVID-19 patients at Memorial are unvaccinated.

“In our Ohio region, our stationary count is up 59.8 percent in the past seven days, its highest level since December 30, 2020.” said Offenberger.

The surge is putting a strain on Memorial health system resources, particularly the health care workers who have been dealing with the pandemic for the past 18 months.

“This recent surge requires us to evaluate our resources on a daily basis to make sure we are about available beds, staff and how we are managing the influx of patients.” Offenberger recognized the commitment of the employees by maintaining the care.

There have been times when they have diverted patients but it has been minimal, she said, adding that they continue to care for those in need of immediate emergency care for things like stroke, trauma, and other serious needs.

They also urge people not to postpone care. If problems arise, Memorial continues to triage patients to determine the severity of their symptoms.

Memorial makes a daily morning call to hospitals and health systems in central and southeast Ohio to review resource availability, including whether certain patients may require higher levels of care, Offenberger said.

Of the 17 facilities in southeast Ohio, nine report no beds in intensive care and seven do not report beds for medical operations.

“At the Marietta Memorial, 100 percent of our beds in the intensive care unit are occupied.” said Offenberger.

They currently have ventilated patients in other care units that would traditionally have been cared for in their intensive care unit.

Due to the large number of COVID patients in hospitals in the area, they are unable to send patients elsewhere, officials said.

Memorial is currently seeing large numbers of people in her emergency room. Individuals in need of a COVID test are urged to contact their GP or find one of the home tests available at local pharmacies.

Memorial monitors the status of the electoral process on a daily basis. Many electoral procedures are carried out on an outpatient basis.

“Now we are evaluating operations that require an inpatient hospital bed and are continuing to address our patients’ needs.” said Offenberger.

Memorial officials are urging people to get vaccinated to contain the tide, as well as asking people to wear a mask and maintain reasonable social distance.

“Vaccination is the best defense to prevent hospitalization and it is the best way to support our frontline caregivers at this critical time.” said Offenberger. “The vaccine will help your body fight the virus if you are exposed and will help prevent the virus from spreading to those around you.

“The vaccines greatly reduce the chances of getting really sick when you get COVID-19. If you get sick, your risk of hospitalization or death is also lower with all known virus variants, including the Delta variant. “

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