New Jersey DUI Lawyer Rachel Kugel Broadcasts Launch of Newly Improved Web site

The Kugel Law Firm focuses on the defense of those who are facing DWI and DUI cases in New Jersey and New York

New Jersey DUI lawyer Rachel Kugel of the Kugel Law Firm announces the launch of her newly-improved website – The Kugel Law Firm. The DUI attorney says that she upgraded her previous website to make it more friendly for both old and new clients. Many aspects of the website have been updated, including the user interface, so it can be of more use to the community.

“At The Kugel Law Firm, we focus on providing an aggressive, creative, caring defense of DWI/DUI cases within New York and New Jersey. When you contact us, we will provide a no-cost DWI/DUI Defense Strategy Session to help us identify the key strategies we can use to get the best possible outcome in your particular case. We will help you to understand the process and give you peace of mind on what you can expect,” the New Jersey DUI lawyer says.

The Kugel Law Firm focuses on the defense of those who are facing DWI and DUI cases in New Jersey and New York
The Kugel Law Firm

On the website, users are able to find information on a lot of DWI offenses in New Jersey. The users can also find answers to frequently asked questions about DWI in both New York and New Jersey. The website also offers information on boating while under the influence.

The lawyer’s practice areas can be easily found at the top of the page. The user can navigate to different blogs and reading materials created by attorney Rachel Kugel. DWI Defense, DWI Causing Injury or Death, DWAI by Drugs, DWI penalties, and Boating While Under the Influence are some of attorney Kugel’s main practice areas.

According to the DUI attorney, “As a lawyer, I believe that my clients are good people who deserve the best defense possible. I will stand up for individual rights and hold the State to its obligations. From DWI/DUI defense, refusal hearings, administrative hearings, car seizures, and DWI/DUI appeals; you can trust The Kugel Law Firm to help. We don’t judge you, we don’t lecture you, we defend you.”

Furthermore, on the lawyer’s website, visitors can access a form that they can use to schedule a free consultation with the New Jersey lawyer. If the visitor would like to know more about the firm’s history or would like to learn more about attorney Rachel Kugel, there is also an option for that on the website.

The Kugel law firm’s team of DWI/DUI lawyers focus their careers on helping those who are facing DWI charges. Attorney Kugel is also a member of the National College of DWI defense, the DUI defense lawyers association, and a DWI Defense Attorney Membership Group called Scrambled Eggs Francis X. Moore Society.

Lastly, the DWI lawyer emphasizes the importance of having a skilled lawyer to represent those who are facing DWI charges in both New York and New Jersey. The laws of these states take DWI seriously, and it is important to have the best defense team possible.

About The Kugel Law Firm

As an experienced New Jersey criminal defense attorney, Rachel Kugel understands the importance of skilled legal representation. The Kugel Law Firm focuses on the defense of those who are facing DWI and DUI cases in New Jersey and New York. Attorney Kugel may be able to help clients create solid defense strategies and help them get the best possible outcome. Contact The Kugel Law Firm today to schedule a free consultation.


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