No early modifications after Biden’s request for giant venues

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas – President Joe Biden’s Six Point Plan to Combat COVID-19 included a request about major entertainment and sports venues.

It’s not a mandate like his other topics of conversation, but President Biden is urging major venues to reconsider their access policies.

“Those of you who run large entertainment and sports arenas, concert halls and cinemas, please ask people to get vaccinated or show a negative test as a condition of entry,” he said.

Corpus Christi hosts several venues that cater to the President’s request.

American Bank Center and Whataburger Field made no decisions or changes.

Concrete Street and the Brewster Street Icehouse are home to many musical acts, among other places. The operational partners of these companies are not yet ready to make a decision.

“The president, the governor, the district judge have different opinions on this,” said Mark Schaberg, operating partner of these venues. “So we listen a lot. I speak to many other venues across the state and across the country to see what they are doing. And really, every show (was) a bit different. “

Schaberg said their overall goal is to make as many people as possible comfortable. But he said there is a lot of logistics going on if something like this is to be implemented.

“Sometimes when it comes to things that sound and look good in Washington, they don’t think about how to do that locally for small businesses,” said Schaberg. “I think we are waiting for more information on how you would like you to do this.”

For other venues in the area, Richard M Borchard Regional Fairgrounds and management company Spectra made this statement.

“We work closely with, and take instructions from, our customers and local and state authorities to ensure a safe environment in the facility. We also take into account specific inquiries and requirements regarding vaccinations and COVID tests from licensees or other exhibition organizers. “

Sports director Steve Roach of Texas A&M University-Kingsville said:

“It’s been two years since a football game in the fall at Javelina Stadium, and we know that our students, staff and faculty, alumni and fans are looking forward to Saturday,” said Roach. “We continue to encourage all those attending our indoor events to wear face covers and encourage all fans to use the hand sanitizer that we have distributed at all venues, including the Javelina Stadium. We also ask fans to stay home if they feel uncomfortable. We currently do not require participants in our sporting events to have a vaccination certificate or a negative COVID-19 test. “

The Corpus Christi Independent School District also issued a statement on the Cabaniss Sports Complex stating that negative test results or proof of vaccination are not required to enter.

“The district adheres to UIL guidelines and always encourages participants to be safe,” the district statement said.

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