NY Redistribution: Draft Playing cards To Be Launched Subsequent Week | politics

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“Being able to get the data, interpret the data, and then work with a bipartisan group in hopes of drawing those lines is exactly what we should be doing,” said Jack Martins, vice chairman of the Commission.

Imamura outlined the principles that will guide the redistribution process. These principles include ensuring that the districts are similar in terms of population, that they are cohesive, compact, and “should not be attracted to discourage competition”.

Charles Nesbitt, a former minority leader in the State Assembly who is now on the commission, reminded his colleagues of the constitutional amendment. The voters approved the change in 2014.

“The fact that the constitution was changed, the fact that the change was supported by the public, came from a certain disgust, in my opinion, at longstanding partisan gerrymandering,” said Nesbitt. He urged his fellow commissioners “to avoid becoming another party group”.

At least seven commissioners on the 10-member panel must approve the redistribution plan before it is sent to state legislation. In order to clarify the state legislature, it must be supported by two-thirds of the Assembly and the Senate. Governor Kathy Hochul would have to sign the plan.

If the redistribution plan does not receive two-thirds of the support from the state legislature or Hochul vetoed the cards, the commission would have to revise its plan and resubmit it. If those lines don’t get enough support from lawmakers or the governor, the state legislature could amend the plan before approving it and sending it to the governor for review.

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