NYC Hair Salon Women N Gents Makes a speciality of Balayage for Males and Ladies

Its team of creative colorists can transform locks for a refreshing and quirky look.

Ladies N Gents, a premier NYC hair salon, specializes in balayage for both men and women. The salon takes pride in offering this revolutionary hair coloring technique, known as hair painting, in a wide range of amazing shades. Balayage has gained much popularity as it has transformed how hair is colored. Before balayage, customers used to spend hours glued to their chairs and heads wrapped in aluminum foils. But thanks to this popular hair coloring technique, hair coloring has become more convenient, easy to use, and stylish.

Ladies N Gents is a trend-setting NYC hair salon that proudly serves customers of all ages and genders.
Ladies N Gents

The skilled stylists at Ladies N Gents apply the color using a freehand technique, allowing a smooth transition of color that flows naturally, and decide the pattern. Customers can leave it to the creative hands of the colorists at Ladies N Gents. Balayage, with its long-lasting effects, is a good alternative to highlights. The strands are more natural-looking, are softer, and give a sun-kissed appearance. This technique allows colorists more freedom to experiment with how the color is placed depending on the customer’s face, skin tone, eye color, and natural hair color.

Aside from balayage, the NYC hair salon offers various hair color services, including kid’s hair color, fantasy color, ice-blonde balayage, and classic balayage. It also provides gray coverage and permanent hair coloring services. The right color can make all the difference in the face. Finding the right shade can be quite tricky. The team of experts at Ladies N Gents is ready to guide customers in choosing the perfect shade that complements their features. For those looking for celeb-inspired haircuts in New York, this is the right place to be. Its hairstylists specialize in all types of haircuts for short hair, medium hair, long hair, straight hair, curly hair, fine hair, and natural textured hair.

Ladies N Gents offers the most sophisticated and eccentric haircuts for women regardless of their hair length. The salon is known for its professional hair treatments in town. Damaged to frizzy hair, these stylists can transform the hair into healthy and shiny locks. Men and women who aren’t sure about what kind of treatment they need should talk to the experts today. They can give a perfect hair makeover for dry and damaged hair, frizzy hair, curly hair, straight hair, oily hair, fine or thin hair, coarse or thick hair, color-treated hair, and so on. The hair treatments start from as low as $95, and the services offered here are Brazilian blowout, hair botox, intensive repair conditioner, Japanese straightening, keratin, Mizani straightener/relaxer, perm, pro addiction treatment, scalp massage, and smoothing treatment.

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Ladies N Gents is a trend-setting NYC hair salon that proudly serves customers of all ages and genders. Its salons are located in Manhasset and Gramercy Park in New York. The state-of-the-art salons offer premier haircuts, hair color services, blowouts, hair treatments, updos, braids, bridal styles, hair extensions, eyebrows, and laser hair removal services.


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