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“Air Pollution is Increasing – What can we do to protect ourselves?

Odoranswers.com, an exclusive site about odors and aromas is now updated with a new post – “Air pollution is increasing – what can we do to protect ourselves?” While every other creature did its bit to survive and be a part of the ecosystem for millions of years, humans have worked very hard to destroy the ecosystem that provided them a beautiful place to live, survive and thrive. Where a wheel was not enough, a bicycle came. Where a bicycle was not enough, a motorcycle came. Where a motorcycle was not enough, a car came. And the rest is history. Today, mankind has nearly destroyed the earth, and air pollution is one of the major reasons for this mass destruction.

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The Odor Answers article covers some very important and thought-provoking things about how air pollution has an insidious effect on people’s health and well-being. The post also takes readers through different types, main sources, and things people should start doing to protect themselves and their families. Air pollution is rising due to the ever-expanding industrialization and urbanization followed by massive usage of fossil fuels. All this contributes to higher levels of emissions being released into the atmosphere and not to forget climate change.

And then some accidents keep happening which aggravate the situation. The recent train derailment in the Village of East Palestine in Ohio led to evacuations, water pollution, and toxic chemicals being released into the air. This train was carrying toxic chemicals on February 3rd earlier this year. The train derailed igniting a fire that covered the entire town in smoke. According to the EPA, about 20 cars were carrying hazardous material and when the accident happens these gases were released into the soil, water, and air. The residents are still smelling odors but the authorities are trying to identify and clean up contaminated water and soil.

There was another incident in the southern part of India, Kochi. A landfill burst into flames leading to toxic fumes and covering the area with a thick haze and residents were seen choking. There are several trash mountains in India and worldwide where these kinds of fires can happen and could burn hazardous materials contributing more to air pollution. These are just some of the known scenarios. There are many more that go undetected or unreported. So, what can a normal people do to reduce air pollution or protect themselves and their families? Visit Odoranswers.com Click on the link below to read more and become responsible citizens and make the planet livable for the future generations.

To learn more visit https://odoranswers.com/outdoors/what-can-you-do-to-protect-against-air-pollution/

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