Omaha expands the rule that requires masks because of the coronavirus Nebraska Information

OMAHA – Omaha residents are required to wear masks in public at least until October due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Omaha City Council voted Tuesday to extend its mask request, which will expire through October 20 later that month. Everyone in the state’s largest city is required to wear face coverings in most indoor public spaces where they cannot stay 6 feet due to social distance.

A similar mask mandate in Lincoln was recently extended to September 30th.

Douglas County’s health director Adi Pour said wearing masks is important now that most of the city’s shops and restaurants have reopened.

“We either close stores again or we wear masks,” said Pour.

Alderman Pete Festersen, who sponsored the expansion, said requiring masks was a practical way to control the spread of the virus. Several local school officials sent the council letters supporting the mask request.

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