Omar’s Unique Birds Now Gives In-Dwelling Consultations for Unique Chook Care

It offers bird enthusiasts tailored guidance for exotic birds in the comfort of their homes.

Omar’s Exotic Birds, Southern California’s premier provider of high-quality exotic birds, has announced the launch of its new in-home consultation service for bird enthusiasts in Lake Forest and surrounding areas. It provides expert advice for exotic bird care in the comfort of clients’ homes, ensuring that their feathered companions receive personalized attention within their familiar surroundings. The service not only caters to the unique health and wellness needs of each bird but also ensures a stress-free experience for both the birds and their owners.

In response to the growing demand for specialized avian services, Omar’s Exotic Birds provides a convenient solution for bird owners seeking expert guidance on nurturing and maintaining their pets’ health. By bringing specialized care directly to clients’ homes, it aims to set a new standard in the exotic bird care industry.

Founded by Omar Gonzalez, a renowned aviculturist, Omar’s Exotic Birds has been providing the highest quality care and products for exotic birds for nearly three decades.
Omar’s Exotic Birds

Understanding the individuality of each bird is crucial to providing the best care. Our in-home consultations allow our staff to tailor their expertise to the specific circumstances and needs of our clients’ beloved pets, enhancing their overall well-being,” said a representative from Omar’s Exotic Birds, emphasizing the personalized nature of the new service.

The service extends beyond simple consultations to include comprehensive health checks, dietary planning, and environmental assessments, all conducted by knowledgeable and experienced staff for top-notch exotic bird care. Additionally, the consultations aim to educate owners on maintaining optimal living conditions and diets for their birds and help them understand the specific needs of the bird species they care for.

Established nearly three decades ago, Omar’s Exotic Birds specializes in exotic birds, from cockatiels to macaws. All birds sold come with a money-back health guarantee and complimentary grooming services. This shows Omar’s dedication to the care and welfare of the birds sold and ensures that customers will receive ongoing support and value throughout the lifetime of their pets.

The store goes beyond selling pets. It provides boarding, grooming, and now in-home consultations. A one-stop shop for bird care, it also offers its own brand of gourmet seed blends, perches, supplements, bird care books, and various bird toys.

The owner, Omar Gonzalez, started his journey in his youth, inspired by the rich avian diversity of Cuba and fueled by a passion to overcome the challenges observed in pet care through his early experiences in America.

As it expands its services, Omar’s Exotic Birds continues to pioneer advancements in bird care, providing clients with the resources and support needed to ensure the health and happiness of their pets. This new offering is a testament to the company’s ongoing commitment to innovation and excellence in avian or exotic bird care.

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About Omar’s Exotic Birds

Founded by Omar Gonzalez, a renowned aviculturist, Omar’s Exotic Birds has been providing the highest quality care and products for exotic birds for nearly three decades. The company has grown into a trusted name in bird care, recognized for its commitment to health, customer education, and satisfaction.


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