Oregon Path Rodeo Presents Three A long time of Leisure | information

In its early years, the Oregon Trail Rodeo didn’t have an established arena and had to bring portable slides.

The rodeo arena, now located on the Adams County Fairgrounds, was designed in the barrel bar on a napkin.

“It was a good thing,” said Lee Hogan, who served as chairman of the rodeo for about 10 years in the late 1990s and early 20s. “The result was the Nebraska High School Finals Rodeo. That was also one of the really good things for the city. “

The Oregon Trail Rodeo is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. The founders started the event to keep Hastings entertained during Labor Day weekend.

“Community sponsors have worked really well over the years and really supported it,” said Darrel Stromer, who served with the Adams County Agricultural Society in the early 1990s and co-founded the rodeo.

Scott Hinrichs, current rodeo chairman, was impressed by the milestone anniversary.

“That’s pretty great,” he said. “It’s just great that the community stands behind us and supports and enables us. Without the support of the community, volunteers and help, it would not go on. “

He hopes to have a different founding member ride the Oregon Trail rodeo cart every night during the rodeo to highlight that story.

Founding members like Stromer were a valuable resource for Hinrichs.

“It’s great to be able to fall back on them,” said Hinrichs. “They’ve tried a lot of different things in the 30 years. When I took over the office, I just wanted to expand it and, if possible, make it better every year. With the help of the guys and their willingness to get involved and help, it’s huge. “

The rodeo was eventually moved to August to avoid conflict with the Nebraska State Fair and now coincides with the Kool-Aid Days.

Late summer makes the Oregon Trail Rodeo popular with attendees.

“We’re for them at the end of the season,” said Hogan. “To qualify for the National Rodeo Finals, these guys are trying to get everything they can get. It’s amazing the big cowboys we had at our rodeo. It’s not the biggest rodeo in the world, but probably one of the better. “

In addition to the support of sponsors and volunteers, another key to the success of the rodeo was the warehouse contractor Korkow Rodeos from Pierre, South Dakota.

Hogan estimates that Korkow Rodeos is one of three contractors who have been raising cattle at the National Rodeo Finals each year since the beginning.

“Jim and TJ have some of the best bucking horses in the world,” said Hogan. “We are very lucky to have her here.”

Funding was secured this year to expand the rodeo to include women’s breakaway ropes.

Also new this year is 13-year-old trick rider Payton Routier from Buffalo, South Dakota.

Her mother Jessica took part in the Oregon Trail Rodeo as a barrel racer.

“It’s pretty cool,” said Hinrichs. “I think many will like that. I think it’s an extra attraction and something we wanted to add to the 30th anniversary to spice it up a bit. “

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