Oswego County Departments Associate for Trailer “Wholesome for Life”

OSWEGO COUNTY – The Oswego County Health Department and Emergency Management Office (EMO) have teamed up to bring COVID-19 vaccinations and tests and other government services to various locations in the county thanks to the new “Healthy for Life” trailer.

EMO used funds from a supplementary federal planning and response to COVID-19 grant to build a trailer for the county’s COVID-19 vaccination and testing program. During the construction of the trailer, EMO employees worked together with employees from the health department. The EMO handed it over to the health department in July.

“This will allow the health department to more easily set up on the ground in areas where vaccination or testing is required, especially in the more rural areas of the county,” said Renee Fox, EMO emergency management coordinator who helped shape the Pendant. “All you need is a parking space. The trailer has everything you need for a clinic. “

The trailer was built with a side window that allows it to be used as a walk-in location if necessary. It has cupboards, work rooms and its own power supply. With funding, traffic cones and barriers, a pop-up tent, office supplies and other materials were purchased to make the trailer self-sufficient.

The trailer was built by Racemaster Engineering from Oswego following a bidding process. Racemaster Engineering worked with the Ministry of Health and EMO staff to custom build the trailer to make it as efficient and rational as possible. “They met with us frequently to make sure our needs were met,” said Fox.

“Our department is delighted to be working with the health department on this project,” said EMO Director Cathleen Palmitesso. “Since the beginning of the pandemic, our two departments and many other departments and authorities in the county have worked closely together to manage the crisis. We were offered this grant option by the federal government and we were of the opinion that this is the best way to use the funds for the benefit of the residents of the district of Oswego. “

“The trailer is incredibly handy,” said Sonia Robinson, public health educator at Oswego County Health Department. “The size is easy to maneuver and offers a lot of space.”

Diane Oldenburg, senior public health trainer at Oswego County Health Department added, “The trailer is helping us accomplish our mission. There are areas of our community where it is difficult for people to access services. This trailer will help us bring services to you. “The“ Healthy for Life ”logo on the trailer was designed by Motivated Creations of Oswego and helps identify it as a health resource. “People will be able to see that this is an Oswego County’s Department of Health vehicle and know it is providing services,” noted Fox.

The trailer has been taken to clinics in Sandy Creek, SUNY Oswego and Camp Hollis in the past few weeks. With third doses and booster doses expected in the coming months, Ministry of Health officials expect to take the trailer out on the road frequently.

“We appreciate our collaboration with the business continuity management department,” said Robinson. “We look forward to bringing the vaccination program to people in cheaper places.”

For more information, visit the Oswego County Ministry of Health’s COVID-19 page at www.health.oswegocounty.com/covid-19 or call the COVID-19 hotline at 315-349-3330. The phone lines are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Under the New York State Public Health Law, the Oswego County Health Department is the local health authority in relation to responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in County Oswego. The Oswego County Department of Health works closely with the New York State Department of Health on monitoring, responding, and reporting to COVID-19.

BRING GOVERNMENT SERVICES TO YOU – The Oswego County Emergency Management Office (EMO) and Health Department have teamed up to deliver government services to residents in various locations across the county thanks to the new “Healthy for Life” trailer. Pictured are EMO employees Terry Bennett and Renee Fox with Haley Donhauser from the health department. Photo courtesy of Sonia Robinson, Oswego County Health Department.

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