Over 40 venues on the Central Coast obtained $ 27.three million in grants

As part of the US rescue plan, entertainment venues on the Central Coast received a total of $ 27.3 million from the Shuttered Venue Operators Grants passed by Congress in December.

These venues include the Fremont Theater Entertainment Group, the Central Coast Performing Arts Center Commission, and Central Coast Cinemas, the company that operates Park Cinemas in Paso Robles. KSBY’s Neil Hebert spoke to the company’s president, John Roush, about what the $ 1.01 million has done to keep his businesses afloat.

“It basically paid all the bills we accrued through April this year,” said John Roush, president of Park Cinemas. “It’s a huge amount of money and it’s gone. It’s already spent, just the landlord’s rent, property taxes, and all of the previous bills we earned. Even though we were closed, it still cost us money to walk. “

Roush says that if it weren’t for the COVID relief money, many of the companies, including cinemas, would struggle to get back on their feet.

“Many of them would probably be out of business if that hadn’t gotten through. Hopefully all the venues will be saved so we can return the films, entertainment and concerts to the public, ”said Roush. “Going to the cinema is like an event for people. Children like to go to the cinema; Get some freshly popped popcorn, a drink and some candy and watch it with your friends. “

A total of 41 different venues on the Central Coast received aid through the Shuttered Venue Operators Grants. In the United States, more than $ 16 billion has been donated to entertainment venues.

Click here for the full list of venues that have received funds under SVOG.

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