Paul Swift Pictures Shares High Marriage ceremony Tendencies for 2024

The celebrated North West wedding photographer includes dramatic, vibrant colours, a move away from organic, rustic themes.

Paul Swift Photography, the top North West wedding photographer, has shared some wedding trends for 2024, which include dramatic, vibrant colours, moving away from organic, rustic themes.

The wedding day is one of the most important days for couples. They have a vision for this long-cherished dream and want it realised on their big day. It is obviously crucial for couples to capture these special moments so that they can be remembered forever, and paying attention to new wedding trends inspires them to take the right steps to create memorable photographs.

Paul Swift Photography is an award-winning wedding photographer for Lancashire, Lake District, Cheshire
Paul Swift Photography

This has been the goal of this noted Lancashire Wedding Photographer, who has constantly endeavored to turn couples’ visions into reality. It has brought him the best wedding photographer award in the Hitched Wedding Awards 2022 among many other accolades. But the true testament to his stunning wedding photography work is the reviews he has received from a whole host of satisfied couples.

From planning and guidance after consultation at the early stage to actual execution on the wedding day, Paul Swift Photography works with clients every step of the way. The highly regarded Lake District Wedding Photographer also does his best to offer clients crucial information to ensure they make smart choices for their special day, and he has done that now by focusing on the wedding trends for 2024.

According to the renowned North West Wedding Photographer, the use of dramatic colour is one of the most striking trends that have already caught on. Opulent colors like magenta are being showcased at weddings in the form of flower arrangements, accessories, décor, and so much more. Glittering details can be added to these strong colour palettes to create that gorgeous fairytale wedding vibe.

Elaborate displays will also make their mark at weddings. Some of the options include interactive drink displays that will get the guests talking. Personalised table plan displays and dessert table displays are just some ideas couples can embrace to add the wow factor to their wedding. Paul Swift Photography then mentions focusing on flexible fashion while making space for varied dimensions as another trend that has become popular.

However, the top North West wedding photographer asserts that today people are also growing more conscious about their responsibilities to the planet, and it is also reflected in weddings, where there is a growing focus on sustainability. Reducing the use of plastic, reducing waste created at the wedding, and repurposing items are some of the ways in which couples can make a sustainable statement.

The last trend will have everyone grooving, as it is all about disco. Creating a retro feel with iconic disco balls, outfits, and music will set the tone for a fun wedding.

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