Peacefield Titanium Unveils Expansive Assortment of Marriage ceremony Bands

Find everything, from antler rings to wooden rings for men, in one place.

Peacefield Titanium, the go-to name for custom wedding bands, has unveiled an expansive collection that includes everything, from antler rings to wooden rings for men, which can make the big day in couples’ lives truly special for them.

The day couples get married is certainly one of the most important days of their lives. Everyone has a vision and a dream for their big day that they want to be realized at their wedding. While it is natural that couples want everything to be spot-on, special attention must be paid to wedding rings as they are the symbol of their love and commitment to each other.

Peacefield Titanium With more than a decade’s experience in making custom wedding bands
Peacefield Titanium

And this is exactly where this small family-run and operated business has built its expertise. has become the go-to destination for couples who want to get their hands on custom wedding bands that they will cherish forever. The company, based in Pennsylvania, has earned a reputation for creating beautiful and thoughtful wedding rings for more than 10 years that thousands of couples will keep for a lifetime.

“We understand that choosing a wedding band can be a tough decision. Our goal is to provide that ‘love at first sight’ wedding band for your big day,” says the couple behind the brand – Derrick and Effie.

And this is true for all types of options, including its whiskey barrel wedding rings that hit the right spot with many couples. At the end of the day, its goal remains to create beautifully handcrafted rings that will mark the special moment in couples’ lives.

Peacefield Titanium offers a wide range of both men’s rings and women’s rings, as well as different types of wedding ring sets, which epitomize couples’ love for each other in a stunning way. It is interesting to note that there are different ring categories to choose from, including men’s antler rings, bentwood rings, turquoise rings, carbon fiber rings, and so much more.

Interested couples can go through the different options on its secure website and know more about the rings to make the perfect choice for their special day. Its comprehensive collection includes:

  • Black ebony wood and turquoise stone ring, a unique wooden wedding band, is priced at $259.99.

  • Exotic rosewood and malachite pinstripe wood wedding band is another gorgeous option for $259.99.

  • Titanium wedding bands with antler and malachite and antler wedding rings are other stunning choices in the collection.

  • The barrel – whiskey barrel wood with titanium ring is a class apart.

It’s interesting to note that all the rings in the collection are made by the couple in their solar-powered shop.

To learn more about these gorgeous collections and make the right choice for your special day, visit

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With more than a decade’s experience in making custom wedding bands, the family-owned and run business has earned the trust of couples, helping them find the perfect ring for their special days.


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