Premier On-line Pilot Faculty AV8 Prep Provides New Drone On-line Course

It also launches a new YouTube channel with flight information and adventures with different pilots and airplanes.

AV8 Prep, a premier online pilot school, is pleased to share that it has updated its website with a new online course. The drone online course is designed to help individuals become a Part 107 Drone Pilot. Students can now enrol in the top-rated ground school, pass their exam, and earn up to $250 per hour with a part 107 Certification. Post completion, one can unlock lucrative opportunities not just in aerial photography but in many other fields. The school boasts a remarkable 99% pass rate and offers a 100% pass guarantee, where students will receive the necessary support until they pass.

AV8 Prep is an online pilot school offering state-of-the-art flight training and private pilot courses.
AV8 Prep

Apart from the drone online course, AV8 Prep has launched a new YouTube channel with flight information and adventures of other pilots and airplanes. The online pilot school has been offering state-of-the-art flight trainings for several years now. Aspiring pilots can now pass the FAA written exam – guaranteed. Almost all the FAA-approved flight schools require their students to take a ground school class and pass the written test. AV8 Prep is where all the training begins.

Getting a private pilot license is no joke. But the flight instructors at AV8 Prep make it less complicated and are always available to provide guidance and help students master the art of flying. The ground school training helps wannabe pilots dive deep into aviation theoretically. Subjects such as aerodynamics, aviation regulations, and navigation are covered in the modules. Understanding the fundamentals of aviation is crucial for every student. The online pilot school has some of the most skilled flight instructors helping the students achieve success by providing state-of-the-art flight trainings. They provide tailored guidance to prepare their students for the upcoming challenges.

Whether a normal pilot license or the drone Part 107 license, the trainings provided here are top-notch. Students will experience hands-on training, with practical sessions such as simulator sessions and actual flight time. The AV8 prep online training offers a safe environment for students to practice their emergency procedures and maneuvers. Students can also accumulate flight hours to acquire a private pilot license. The flight hours will provide hands-on experience, allowing students to practice flight maneuvers, take-offs, navigation, and landing. After all this training, they will be ready to answer exams that will test their knowledge of aviation principles and regulations. The final step is a flight test with the FAA examiner, who will evaluate the flying skills, knowledge, and safe operation of the aircraft. Have questions about becoming a pilot? Contact AV8 Prep today.

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About AV8 Prep

AV8 Prep is an online pilot school offering state-of-the-art flight training and private pilot courses. Experienced flight instructors conduct the aviation trainings, and the modules feature high-quality content, easy-to-learn videos, comprehensive practice question exclusive material, and top-notch user experience.



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