ProAir, #1 Greatest Rated Air Duct Cleansing Tools Producers Launch New Vary

Choose from Basic Duct Cleaning Equipment Package or Complete Duct Cleaning Equipment Package to Get Started in New Air Duct and Vent Cleaning Business

ProAir, #1 Best Rated Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers, are pleased to launch a new product range and packages. The Basic Duct Cleaning Equipment Package consists of the equipment needed to start the business with a vacuum source and an air compressor. The training videos will help users learn how to operate the basic duct cleaning system, which is portable. Businesses can now ditch the expensive and bulky truck-mounted systems and work efficiently with the ProAir duct cleaning systems.

ProAir is the #1 Choice for HVAC contractors, carpet cleaners, and new businesses in Canada and the United States.
ProAir Industries, INC.

The complete duct cleaning package includes a Vac System, Air compressor, and two equipment cases that can fit any van or truck. The system can be purchased for less than $5000 as against the bulky systems that cost up to $50,000. This equipment is designed for portability, effectiveness, and efficiency. The package also includes a 24×24 clear duct cover, allowing technicians to cover the larger duct opening to remove debris effectively. The lightweight duct cleaning hose is designed to automatically feed the line into the deepest part of the duct. The whip heads also work great in removing the caked debris that has formed on duct walls. The BioClean Duct Sanitizer Spray can mist chemicals into ducts up to twenty feet.

The other popular product by ProAir is the Dual Motor Duct Vacuum System. This one is an excellent and affordable alternative to the expensive truck-mounted vacuum machines. The vacuum is backed by two German-engineered motors built for durability and superior power. An efficient dryer vent cleaning equipment is very important for the air duct cleaning business. Homeowners realize the importance of a well-maintained HVAC system which means they will need professionals.

Right from the dual motor duct vacuum systems to dryer vent cleaning equipment and BioClean duct sanitizing sprayer, the products designed by ProAir have proven to be the most lucrative investments for businesses. ProAir offers online programs and training videos for technicians to understand and learn how to use the equipment. The basic duct cleaning equipment package is now available at $1,945, the BioClean duct sanitizer sprayer at $595, the dual motor duct vacuum at $2,260, and the complete duct cleaning equipment package at $3,975. This means that dryer vent cleaning businesses can now be set up for just under $4000. Lastly, not all properties provide easy access to ductwork. A piece of equipment like this can help reduce effort and help businesses provide faster and more efficient cleaning resulting in happy customers.

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ProAir is the #1 Choice for HVAC contractors, carpet cleaners, and new businesses in Canada and the United States. They are #1 Best Rated Air Duct Cleaning Equipment Manufacturers known for their time-tested and efficient equipment, which can handle any project. ProAir’s air duct cleaning equipment is used across retail, industrial, government, residential, medical and other commercial spaces.



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