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Online assessment and proctoring are the future, according to Inspera Digital Assessment, whose platform is revolutionizing digital assessments making online tests more secure and less stressful.

Inspera Digital Assessment has said that smart proctoring and digital assessments are among the increasingly more reliable and secure test-taking experiences. The company’s digital assessment platform makes it more efficient, for institutions of all sizes to administer in-person, online, or hybrid tests. Historically the exam process and experience have been riddled with less than desirable misconduct behavior, and in-efficiencies in the assessment workflow and some digital exam platforms can cause confusion for students. Test takers would find the user interface challenging and faculty find a broken workflow frustrating, thus, previous exam processes for both would affect their performance. Inspera’s digital online assessment and proctoring solution promise to change that.

Inspera is a leading-edge European digital assessment provider providing test-takers with equal opportunities to prove their skills in an authentic and fully digital manner.
Inspera Digital Assessment

Online proctoring is a remote invigilation method used to monitor students’ or candidates’ online exams, tests, or assessments in a secure and controlled manner. It involves the use of specialized software that the test-takers’ activities, movements, and behaviors through their webcam, microphone, and screen sharing. Depending on its features, the software may also include identity verification, browser lockdown capabilities, and automated flagging of suspicious behavior.

There are two versions of proctoring available. AI uses rules for exam delivery and algorithms and behavior data to monitor for integrity incidents which allow invigilators to review recorded flagged test-take sessions and make determinations if further action is needed. Or live human proctoring which allows a remote proctor the ability to monitor test-takers via technology and software in real-time allowing for immediate intervention or action.

Online proctoring is increasingly being used by educational institutions, certification bodies, and employers to ensure the integrity and security of online digital assessments. From an assessment management perspective, it has been found to be more cost-effective, and efficient, and saves both students and faculty time compared to other traditional test-taking methods.

Unlike any other online test platforms, Inspera’s digital assessment and proctoring solution is built with both the test taker and faculty’s experience in mind. It is widely accepted that exams can be stressful so providing an easy-to-use interface that is. simple allows test takers to focus on doing the best work possible instead of trying to navigate a tool or wrap their heads around confusing or buggy software.

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A company representative shared some additional insight on why digital assessments with online proctoring are the best method for smarter proctoring and exams: “By digitizing the exam and proctoring experience institutions can utilize technology to address and solve many of the challenges traditional exams present. A digital assessment and online proctoring solution allow for equity for in-person, remote, and hybrid students because the same exam experience is administered no matter where their location is.”

The future of digital online testing is likely to grow, fueled by advances in technology in addition to the ever-shifting educational landscape. Inspera is taking advantage of cutting-edge technology, and digital learning trends, coupled with an understanding of the test-taking process, to consistently improve the assessment and proctoring experience. The approach is making proctoring and the associated process smarter and more dependable than before, while enhancing the test-taker experience.

Inspera’s leading digital assessment and online proctoring platform is now amongst the fastest growing. It is being rapidly adopted by a multitude of educational institutions across the globe that understand the need for a platform that makes test proctoring easier.

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Inspera is a leading-edge European digital assessment provider providing test-takers with equal opportunities to prove their skills in an authentic and fully digital manner. Inspera empowers colleges and universities to deliver secure assessments, standardized tests, open and closed book exams, as well as formative and diagnostics tests, either on-site or fully remotely. The company’s unique end-to-end platform and remote proctoring services are enhanced by customer service support that ensures successful institution-wide adoption and rollout. Founded in 1999, Inspera is on a mission to improve education on a global scale. With more than 200 dedicated EdTech entrepreneurs collaborating to revolutionize the assessment process.


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