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BERLIN (dpa) – Demonstrators again filled the German capital on Saturday to demonstrate against the government’s coronavirus measures despite the prohibition of several gatherings.

The police had banned nine planned demonstrations for Saturday, including one of the Stuttgart lateral thinkers movement, the most visible anti-lockdown movement in Germany, which united a different mix of vaccination opponents, coronavirus deniers and right-wing extremists. A court ruled that an event planned for 500 people would be allowed on Saturday and Sunday.

But as in the last round of protests in early August, thousands ignored the bans and spoke out against the government’s measures. With chants of “We are the people!” The demonstrators made their way through the Berlin districts of Prenzlauer Berg and Mitte.

More than 2,000 police officers were stationed across the city to respond to those who showed up despite the bans. At a protest on Saturday evening in Mitte, German media reported that the police had used pepper spray to disperse a crowd that refused to leave after the protest had ended. The crowd eventually thinned as it started to rain.

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In the meantime, a counter-demonstrator with techno music also attracted several thousand people. These protesters support state restrictions to slow the spread of the virus and against the lateral thinker movement, emphasize the diversity of Berlin and advocate more social cohesion.

Berlin police said they dispersed the counter-demonstrators when the crowd got too big to allow social distancing.

Saturday’s protests took place amid a debate in Germany about imposing restrictions on unvaccinated people, an issue that is becoming more pressing with the rise in daily infections. Germany reported 10,303 new daily infections on Saturday, more than 2,000 more than last week.

Similar protests took place in Berlin in early August, ending in clashes with the police and hundreds of detainees.

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