Public Well being Council Votes Expanded COVID-19 Vaccination Necessities – NBC Boston

The state’s health council adopts a proposed mandate Wednesday morning that provides for all employees in nursing homes, assisted living homes, hospice programs, and home care workers who provide direct home care services to be vaccinated against the coronavirus Oct. 31.

Governor Charlie Baker’s administration announced proposed vaccination requirements on Sept. 1, saying it was part of their ongoing efforts to protect older adults from the virus.

The plan – which extends an announcement by the Baker administration last month that employees in qualified care facilities must be vaccinated – is subject to approval by the state health council. The Council vote is expected around 9 a.m. on Wednesday.

If approved, the requirement would be implemented by the respective regulations of the Department of Health and the Executive Office of Elder Affairs, which would cover 62 detached retirement homes and 268 assisted living homes, 85 hospice programs and up to 100,000 home care workers in Massachusetts. It also applies to contractors who work in such facilities.

The chairman of the Massachusetts Assisted Living Association said this would give peace of mind.

“We embrace this decision to protect all assisted living communities in Massachusetts – employees, residents and their families. Although most assisted living staff are vaccinated, it will further strengthen the safe and healthy environment that has helped us through high vaccination rates and robust infection control guidelines, “said Brian Doherty, president and CEO of the organization, following the announcement of the Baker Administration.

All employees in rest homes, assisted dormitories, and hospice programs in Massachusetts, as well as employees providing direct care services at home, must be vaccinated against the coronavirus by October 31, according to a new schedule announced Wednesday.

However, the United Health Care Workers Union has said workers are allowed to make an informed decision about the vaccine and are committed to working with Baker to improve vaccination rates.

Exceptions would be granted for people with a disease that prevents vaccination or with sincere religious beliefs, the agency said in its announcement.

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