Ron DeSantis Chief of Employees Adrian Lukis will depart the administration

After almost three years in the office of governor – first as deputy chief of staff and then as chief of staff – Adrian Lukas is expected to leave the government in mid-September with an announcement that the move will take place some time after Labor Day.

the Ron DeSantis The government confirmed Lukis’ plans after Florida Politics first announced his expected departure.

“We really appreciate Adrian’s leadership, expertise and service to Florida. He has worked in the administration from the start – first as deputy chief of staff and then as chief of staff of the governor DeSantis, and has kept the interests of the Floridians at the forefront of his daily work, ”DeSantis Communications Director Taryn Fenske said in a statement.

“We know great things are ahead for him and his family and look forward to seeing his next steps as he continues his incredible career.”

When he was asked to take over for Shane Strum, DeSantis’ chief of staff who served over two years, Lukis made it clear that his time in the most powerful staff position of the state government would not be as long as that of his predecessor.

As the father of two young children, the first of whom was born a few days after DeSantis was elected governor in 2018, Lukis promised his wife that he would not be one of those political husbands who missed the formative years of raising his children .

Six months ago that promise seemed sensible. But that was before the state ran headlong into the circular saw, which is the Delta variant.

Lukis had planned to announce his departure plans sometime in early August. But that has been delayed by the realities of the pandemic.

Since Lukis’ change of personnel has been decided so recently, there was no time for him to decide on his next change. It is clear that a former chief of staff, even one who has served a shorter time than others, will be in great demand by law firms and lobbying businesses.

“Adrian is one of the best employees I have worked with in the state government,” said the Senate President Wilton Simpson when asked about Lukis’ future after his time in the DeSantis administration. “He has made a great collaboration between the governorate and the Senate possible during his tenure as chief of staff. He was always professional and honest.

One of Lukis’ key achievements is to strengthen the operational capabilities of the governor’s executive office. He has the communications office with the renowned Taryn Fenske as Director of Communications and added two Deputy Chiefs of Staff: Education Expert Alex Kelly and former Chief of Staff of the Ministry of Health Courtney Coppola.

Lukis also led the governor’s office through its third – and arguably most momentous – legislative session. Lukis also led the office through a special session that resulted in the largest gaming deal in the state’s history and in response to the recent Surfside tragedy.

Government-related sources also recall Lukis’ central role in the governor’s environmental performance.

Lukis came into government from his role as top advisor to former House Speaker José Oliva. Lukis was previously the Associate Director of Human Resources for the Florida House of Representatives and an attorney on the House of Representatives Committee of Commerce.

Lukis previously told Florida Politics that he developed “an academic interest” at a young age that turned into “a professional passion” for politics.

“I think it also helped growing up in Washington, DC and Miami, where politics is hard to avoid.” Luke said five years ago when his career began.

Now as he prepares to leave the plaza level of the Florida Capitol, it is clear that Lukis is still on his way up.

“Adrian has a bright future ahead of him,” said Simpson.

Among the leading contenders to succeed Lukis are Dustin Carmack and Justin Rothwho both served as chief of staff in the DeSantis Convention Bureau. Deputy Chief of Staff is also there Alex Kelly.

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