Ron DeSantis Continues To Blow Up AP Protection Throughout His Look On ‘Hannity’

government Ron DeSantis continued his attack on The Associated Press Monday night while appearing on Fox News’ Hannity.

On Fox News for the first time since last week, DeSantis avoided the wire service, the latest in a string of corporate media attacks.

DeSantis said the article in question was “clearly a partisan hit,” a “bizarre theory of increasing Regeneron’s stock price,” and an example of the news service “trying to create a false narrative.”

“The AP knew what they were doing. They wanted to make a political hit on me, ”DeSantis said. “They had the boldness to pretend they were the victim when they were called on on their hit song.”

“The days when corporate media was able to slander people with impunity and conservatives do nothing; those days are over. In Florida, we fight back with the truth and we will hold you accountable if you spread false partisan narratives, ”DeSantis told the host Sean Hannity.

The cable hit follows a letter to wire service DeSantis sent earlier in the day.

“You managed to get a misleading clickbait headline about one of your political opponents, but at the expense of deterring those infected with COVID, you received life-saving treatment that will cost lives,” the letter to The reads AP, which first went to national law conservative outlets, then to the press in general. “Was it worth it?”

“That’s what happens if you decide on the headline and narrative before you start reporting,” DeSantis said. “The corporate media’s ‘clicks-first-facts-later’ approach to journalism is damaging our country.”

DeSantis wrote the letter after the news agency reported its press secretary: Christina PushawShe was banned from Twitter for “abusive behavior” which (it is said) led to threats against reporters Brendan Farrington. Twitter locked her account for 12 hours starting Friday evening but specific details have proven elusive.

The suspension came after Pushaw encouraged her nearly 22,000 followers to share their feelings with Farrington, who a. wrote story Tuesday about linking a top DeSantis donor to a hedge fund that has invested in Regeneron’s COVID-19 treatment.

The Fund’s investment in Regeneron is incidental to its holdings, and DeSantis has determined that the company’s monoclonal antibody treatment used has already been paid for by the federal government and the use of the treatment does not benefit its donor.

Pushaw responded with a spate of tweets about Farrington, his editor, and the AP in the days after it was published. In a tweet that has since been deleted, she told her followers: “Drag her.” Farrington tweeted the morning after the story was published that he had received death threats.

Despite the pushback, The AP stands by the story. Incoming AP CEO Daisies Veerasingham sent a letter to DeSantis on Friday protesting Pushaw’s tweets.

DeSantis should “reassure the people of Florida that there is no place in their government for such behavior,” wrote Veerasingham, vice president and chief operating officer of AP. In January she becomes CEO of AP.

“While we disagree on stories, it is unacceptable and dangerous for an officer to encourage systemic bullying of journalists,” wrote Veerasingham.

While it’s unusual for the official site to push back a history of campaign funding – let alone one that resulted in a social media lockdown – the move strengthens Pushaw and DeSantis in the eyes of conservative media outlets and commentators.

Once again it shows clear differences in expectations between the predominantly centrist Tallahassee media and the national right-wing press organs.

Although the governor’s office and DeSantis deemed this particular fundraising story inadmissible, his aggressive fundraising story was for theirs Friends of Ron DeSantis political committee is a matter of the acts. The account was around $ 48 million at the end of July, a month in which it grossed over $ 4.2 million.


Florida Politics Capitol reporter Renzo Downey contributed to this post.

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