Sacramento Public Well being: Necessary COVID Checks for Constitution College

All remaining staff and students will be tested on September 3rd. The public health hopes this will help them identify other cases that have not yet been identified.

SACRAMENTO, California – Sacramento County’s public health service mandates a day of COVID-19 testing for a charter school after 23 cases were discovered on campus.

The public health ordinance was sent in a letter to the Sacramento City Unified School District (SCUSD) for the New Joseph Bonnheim Charter School. The school is under the supervision of the district and began classroom teaching in early August.

With 270 students and 23 employees, the 23 cases discovered correspond to 7.8% positive results for the school population.

In the public health letter, officials said the broadcast is likely to be off the school campus as it is in an area with high case numbers and community broadcasts. The district said the public health service issued the test order to curb further spread and with the knowledge that the district had the resources to deal with it.

SCUSD will deploy a rapid response team to provide hundreds of tests on the school site. The tests begin on September 3rd. Public health hopes the tests will help them identify additional cases that have not yet been identified.

To read the full letter from Public Health, click HERE.

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