CEO David West to Communicate on the Agile Neighborhood Scrum Day in Madison, WI

David West will join the list of speakers at the Scrum Day on September 14, 2023.

David West, CEO of, is one of the keynote speakers at the Agile Community Scrum Day, to be held on September 14, 2023, at the Alliant Energy Center in Madison, WI.

David West -
David West –

Dave’s keynote will be an excellent opportunity for participants to hear directly from the “Home of Scrum.” Founded by Ken Shwaber, one of the co-creators of the Scrum framework, is one of the leading providers of training and certification in the world. Dave recalls his biggest success with Scrum during his time at Tasktop, where Scrum and Agile practices played a very important role in building the company. Dave was the chief product officer at Tasktop, overseeing product management, engineering, and architecture.

The company went on to deliver multiple products and innovated furniture and provided value to their employees, shareholders, and employees through Scrum. Dave is looking forward to the Scrum Conference not just as a keynote speaker but also as a participant who is enthusiastic about learning new things and ideas of Scrum, meeting new people, building relationships with Agile communities, and feeling the energy and passion from the success stories shared by other Scrum users. David has also published books, such as Head First Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and Nexus Framework for Scaling Scrum.

The Scrum Conference will include thoughtful discussions and a short and interactive training on the Scrum framework. Apart from Dave West, Keith McCandless, co-creator of Liberating Structures, will also speak at the event. The Scrum Day will include Agile meetups and four learning tracks:

Leadership – For managers, directors, and leaders supporting Agile teams to learn about Agile transformation, how to support Agile teams, and more

Product Owners – Will showcase product owners from leading organizations who will share their success and learnings. It offers practical and informative learning opportunities that participants can put to practice.

Scrum Day
Scrum Day

Scrum Master – Discussions from lead Scrum trainers who will provide insights into how to coach Scrum teams and help them adopt Scrum within their organization

Developers – Will provide key skills relevant to developer accountability on the Scrum team. Focus areas are cross-functionality, self-management, and much more.

Interested participants can sign up for Scrum Day until June 30 and receive a special price of $495 for a full day of learning and a host of Agile Scrum events.

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About Scrum Day

Scrum Day Wisconsin is an interactive training conference on the Scrum framework. The event offers an affordable learning opportunity from Scrum experts and the Agile community. It will provide insights and practical tools for users to level up their practice. The Scrum Conference and Agile meetings are ideal for product owners, Scrum masters, and leaders supporting Scrum teams.


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