Second NC Senate Committee Recommends Invoice on Sports activities Betting | Authorities and politics

The gambling could raise additional funds of $ 25-50 million for school construction, according to the bill’s co-sponsors.

Senator Joyce Krawiec, R-Forsyth, and a member of the Finance Senate, said she expected the bill to be passed by the Senate.

The bill would allow betting on professional, college, electronic / virtual and certain amateur sports.

However, betting on youth club and school sports as well as injuries, penalties, the results of disciplinary proceedings against a person and the results of retakes would be prohibited.

SB688 does not affect bets in fantasy sports leagues based on the accumulation of statistics from athletes and players, or pari-mutuel bets on horse races.

Also prohibited: placing bets for someone else.

Lowe and Perry said in April that SB688 would cover sports betting that has been illegal for years.

“Every decision always has a social impact, a price for freedom, some would say,” Perry said on August 4th. “My mother doesn’t like this legislation, and I understand it because I know how she grew up.”

But Perry said, “North Carolina has sports betting. We cannot ignore this fact. It’s just not something that is regulated and taxed by the state. “

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