Sexual Harassment and Politics – Authorized Discuss Community

Sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior have become all too familiar in modern politics. High-profile sexual misconduct allegations have spread political boundaries. Only recently have high-profile allegations been made against Al Franken, Brett Kavanaugh, Donald Trump, Roy Moore, Joe Biden and Matt Gaetz. And most recently, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that he would step down, effective August 24, after several women alleged sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior on the part of the governor. He has denied all allegations.

Why do these allegations of misconduct against high political figures affect some but not others? And what can we as a society do to eradicate this behavior? on Lawyer 2 Lawyer, Moderator Craig Williams is accompanied by Professor Rebecca Ortiz, PhD, who addresses sexual harassment and the resignation of Governor Cuomo. Craig and Rebecca will discuss sexual harassment in politics, holding perpetrators accountable for these allegations, and what is being done to combat sexual misconduct.

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