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Simone Biles holds the door open to the future of the Olympics.

At the 2020 Tokyo Olympics last week, Team USA’s 24-year-old gymnast decided to withdraw from the individual all-round, jump, pole and floor finals due to mental health problems and twists. Air.

However, Simone decided to take part in this week’s balance beam finals after lowering the difficulty and changing his disembarkation to avoid twisting, and eventually won the bronze medal.

And when the world champion spoke about her chances of participating in the Paris Olympics in 2024, she argued that these may not be her last Olympics.

She appeared on the show “Today” and said to Hoda Kotb: Because after 2016 I couldn’t do it anymore.

“Life happens so quickly, and now I have a greater appreciation for life after everything that has happened in the past five years.”

“Yeah, I’ll leave the door open,” she added.

Simone used social media to look back on her time at the tournament. At that tournament, he also won a silver medal in the team’s all-round event.

She labeled the picture of the Olympic Ring. “I never thought or dreamed that the second Olympics would take place, but I was blessed to represent the United States.

“I will treasure this unique Olympic experience forever. Thank you for your infinite love and support. I really appreciate it. So bad to leave two more Olympic medals in Tokyo and add them to the collection. Not.

“7 Olympic champions (sic)”

She added to her Instagram story: “I am leaving Tokyo with all my heart.”

Simone also admitted that people were sad that she thought she had left the event.

She said, “It wasn’t an easy decision so it hurts that people said,” Oh, she quit, or she did this “because I worked for five years why I did you quit? “

“I’ve also seen a lot in sports over the past two years. For example, just don’t stop. That’s not what i do. But girls can see it. They knew they were going to do the job, and they won silver for doing just that.

“After all, we are not just athletes and entertainment, we are people, we have real emotions. Sometimes it happens behind the scenes that it affects us every time we leave. You may not notice it. Get out and step on. “

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