Simple Tips For Taking Care Of Your Dog’s Health

Your dog needs impeccable hygiene for his balance and his health. Bathing, brushing, cleaning of the eyes, ears, legs, and anal glands, maintaining teeth and nails, the care to be provided comes in different forms.

The bath

From the age of three months, the puppy can bathe. To do this, the use of a specific shampoo and compresses to protect the ears is recommended. The dog snorts on its own. Then, using a towel or a hairdryer – set to the lowest power and kept at a safe distance – drying should be immediate. To avoid knots, dry in the direction of the hair. If the dog lives in an apartment, the bath is done once or twice a month.


Faced with dirt and dead hair, brushing is essential. Each coat has its rhythm! Cleaning is weekly for short hairs, daily for long hairs.

Eyes, ears

The eyes should be cleaned with a cotton ball soaked in a special lotion to purify the contour. As for the ears, between risks of parasites, infections, and hairs blocking the auditory canals, they require special attention: place a cotton ball soaked in veterinary milk or a special wipe at the bottom on a round-tipped scissor or a special wipe at the bottom, massage lightly. With dry cotton, scrub the edges. The operations are to be repeated two to three times a week.

The legs

You must ensure that there are no hairs, stones, or thorns between the toes (this prevents the formation of fluff and abscess).

The nails are treated with suitable cutting pliers. To combat bad breath and tartar build-up, teeth should be brushed with a toothpaste specially designed for animals. Otherwise, rub them with a compress of baking soda.

Finally, if you see your dog wiggling his bottom against grass, it may be a sign that he has worms or engorged anal glands.

Against worms, give it appropriate treatment. And to unclog the anal glands, compress the anus with a cotton ball. All of this care has double importance. First, prevent inflammation of the skin, mucous membranes, and discharge from the eyes, nose, ears. Then, offer a privileged moment of communication which reinforces the confidence of the animal towards the owner.

Healthy teeth and well-groomed claws

No, we were brushing teeth, and manicures aren’t just for humans! And if there are dog toothpaste with a modern meat taste, slightly abrasive kibbles can do the trick, ensuring mechanical cleaning, not to mention chewy treats or antiseptic tablets. At Pet essentials, you can read more about dogs and you will add value in your pet after reading.

Final words and important recommendations

Loving and educating your dog also means protecting him against the vagaries of life. That is why I strongly recommend that you take out dog health insurance as soon as possible. It will save you astronomical veterinary fees in the event of an accident or illness.

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