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Simu Liu argued that the “Legend of Xiangqi and Tenling” was not an “experiment”.

The 32-year-old actor is “excited” to make history in Marvel’s first Asian superhero film and is pleased that the obvious reaction from Disney CEO Bob Chapek can prove the film an “underdog”. Current remarks on the theatrical release of the project.

After “Free Guy” opened this weekend, “Xiangqi …” was one of the first Disney films to hit exclusive theaters during the coronavirus pandemic, but 45 days later Disney Es will be released with Plus Premier Access. It hit theaters and executives called it an “interesting experiment” in Disney’s recent call for revenue.

He says, “Xiangqi only has a 45-day period, so I think it’s actually an interesting experiment.

“So the opportunity to win the Marvel title [streaming] Once released in theaters in 45 days, the service will be another data point to inform you of future promotions related to the title. “

In response, Sim wrote on Saturday (14.08.21) on Twitter: “We are not an experiment.

“We are vulnerable. Underrated. We’re breaking the ceiling. We celebrate the culture and joy that lasts even in difficult years.

“We are surprised. I fired f ** k to make history on September 3rd; come with us.”

And on Instagram he was more direct when he posted: “We are not” an interesting experiment. ”” ”

Audiences in US theaters were not as strong as they were before the pandemic, and Bob admitted that the release schedule for “Xiangqi …” was not ideal.

He says, “The title should appear in a much healthier theatrical environment.”

In the past few months, major Disney titles such as Jungle Cruise, Black Widow and Cruella have been released simultaneously in theaters and Disney Plus Premier Access.

Simu Liu: Shang-Chi is “not an experiment” | Entertainment news

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