SmartLinks – Digital Advertising and marketing Company Helps Cleansing Firm in Portugal with Large On-line Development

Jani-King Portugal witnessed incredible results, with 64% new website users, 45+ franchises, 25% turnover, and more.

SmartLinks – Digital Marketing Agency has helped Jani-King, a cleaning company in Portugal, with massive online growth. Jani-King Portugal witnessed incredible results in the form of 64% new website users, 45+ franchises, 25% turnover, and much more. Jani-King is a cleaning services brand with a geographical footprint in around 14 countries, making it a global leader in franchising. The company was founded in 1968 in the USA and expanded to Portugal in 2008 to become the largest cleaning services provider in the country.

SmartLinks – Digital Marketing Agency in Portugal was founded in March 2015. The agency offers SEO services and 360° digital marketing solutions.
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Jani-King, the worldwide cleaning company, now has over 60,000 customers from across the world. Some of their major business come from repeat clients spreading across factories, warehouses, offices, stores, hotels, restaurants, real estate agencies, and other commercial businesses.

“We work mainly in commerce, especially in the hospitality area, where we are leaders and which represents the fastest-growing business in Portugal,” said Mario Neves, Director of Operations of Jani-King Portugal.

SmartLinks is known for its 360° digital marketing solutions. When Jani-King discussed its need for SEO services with SmartLinks, the team noticed that the cleaning company in Portugal needed to leverage its online lead generation by attracting more customers.

The most desired leads, in this case, were entrepreneurs looking at franchising a cleaning services brand as well as potential clients in the form of hotels, local accommodations, guest houses, and other hospitality service providers.

To improve Jani-King’s positioning online, SmartLinks – Digital Marketing Agency proposed a strategy based on their on-page and off-page SEO efforts, with a special focus on the main search terms.

The project also had a goal of capturing more leads with the help of paid ads on various platforms, including Google.

SmartLinks – Digital Marketing Agency devised a bespoke strategy that included performance campaigns targeting audiences with different hooks. Lead generation was the main goal, along with franchisee building, optimizing conversion rate, increasing brand awareness, and improving website pages.

“The strategy is really working, with very interesting ratios between leads and sales,” said Marisa Duarte, Digital Marketing & Performance Manager at SmartLinks.

The website performed extremely well, with increased traffic and attracting qualified leads. The SEO services were also continuously modified and upgraded to conduct technical audits, clear toxic links, create new content for new pages, optimize existing pages, create and optimize its Google Business Profile, incorporate on-page and off-page actions, and improve backlink profile quality.

“Our turnover has doubled, with constant growth above 25% per year. The pandemic and digital transition of the economy have been benefitting demand, contributing to very high growth rates, above the market average,” added Mario Neves.

The company witnesses an increase of +60% YoY in website users and a +70% increase in sessions over the 1st semester of 2023.

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SmartLinks – Digital Marketing Agency in Portugal was founded in March 2015. The agency offers SEO services and 360° digital marketing solutions. Its team consists of 20+ professionals with varied specializations in digital marketing, website design, software solutions, and much more.


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