Stay Information from Afghanistan: US Troops Can Keep Previous Aug 31, Says Biden; Taliban official excludes democracy | World information

I am writing today from the Panjshir Valley, ready to follow in my father’s footsteps with mujahideen fighters ready to take on the Taliban again. We have stocks of ammunition and weapons that we have patiently collected since my father’s time, knowing that that day was coming.

We also have the weapons of the Afghans who, over the past 72 hours, responded to my call to join the Panjshir resistance. We have Afghan regular army soldiers who were disgusted by their commanders’ surrender and are now heading for the hills of Panjshir with their equipment. Former members of the Afghan special forces have also joined our fight.

But that’s not enough. Of course, if the Taliban warlords launch an attack, they will face strong opposition from us. The flag of the National Resistance Front will fly over any position it attempts to occupy, just as the flag of the National United Front waved 20 years ago. However, we know that our armed forces and our logistics will not be enough. They’ll run out quickly unless our friends in the west find a way to provide for us immediately.

The United States and its allies have left the battlefield, but America can still be a “great arsenal of democracy,” as Franklin D. Roosevelt said when he came to the aid of the besieged British before the US entered World War II.

To this end, I implore the friends of Afghanistan in the West to stand up for us in Washington and New York, in Congress and in the Biden administration. Stand up for us in London, where I graduated, and in Paris, where my father’s memory was honored this spring by naming a path in the Champs-Élysées Gardens.

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