Straightline Efficiency Expands Stock of Snowmobile Equipment

It is the leading supplier of designed, developed, and tested snowmobile parts and accessories.

Straightline Performance, the leading supplier of designed, developed, and tested snowmobile accessories and parts, is pleased to share that they have expanded their inventory. All Straightline Performance snowmobile parts are designed and developed in its in-house facility in Minnesota. All the parts undergo rigorous testing not just in Minnesota but also around the world to ensure durability and verified results. This brand separates itself from other manufacturers of performance parts in terms of quality, performance, and the expertise of the design team.

Straightline Performance
Straightline Performance

All Straightline Performance snowmobile parts are manufactured using an extensive development process, starting with a computer-aided design. The next step is for these parts to undergo rough dyno testing on one of the three in-house dynamometers. The final stage is for the parts to go through in-field training. This entire process ensures that Straightline Performance snowmobile accessories help the machine perform better and withstand the severe and harsh handling of power sports enthusiasts at all levels. This attention to detail and elite quality standards makes this brand stand out and get continuous business from thousands of satisfied customers worldwide.

Straightline Performance snowmobile parts are distributed to over 25 countries through a strong network of partnerships and manufacturers of snowmobile accessories. The company can design, develop, manufacture, and test all its products with the help of top-of-the-line equipment and technology. The ability to control the entire process from start to finish gives them the advantage of producing the highest-quality performance products for power sports vehicles. For a good two decades, Jason has been offering top-notch products, and they are proud to call themselves the leading supplier of aftermarket parts.

The latest additions in the snowmobile accessories by Straightline Performance are the 2024 Ski-Doo 900 Ace / 900R / Mach Z / Turbo Ace Vari-Sound Muffler, 2023-2024 Polaris P22 Adjustable Weight Kit (72g Base Weight), 2023 to Current GEN 5 Skidoo 850 Turbo Silicon Intake Kit, and 2023-2024 Polaris 9R Complete Clutch kit with adjustable weights 6000+. The home page showcases an expanded inventory. Customers looking for something in particular can browse through the categories Snow and UTV & AV, with sub-categories available. The website also offers a wealth of articles and posts, resources, news from the industry, videos, and many more for snowmobile, UTV, and ATV enthusiasts.

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About Straightline Performance

Straightline Performance was started by Jason Houle and his wife, Denise, in 1997. Jason’s love for snowmobiles started at a very young age when he was just two years old and was encouraged by his father, Duane, and his grandfather Stu, both accomplished snowmobile racers. After years of racing and working on his own machines, Jason and Denise decided to start Straightline Performance to set a new standard in quality and performance parts.


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Straightline Performance


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