Brings Twitch Streamers Nearer to Their Followers is a free online service that allows users to record their favorite Twitch streamers automatically. is a free online stream recording service designed for those who love live streams. With busy schedules and time zone differences, manually recording or even catching your favorite streams live can be daunting. has an automatic recording feature at your disposal that allows you to enjoy your favorite streams at any time, from anywhere. Currently, it only supports automatic recording on Twitch, the leading live streaming platform with millions of active streamers.

Here are some popular Twitch streamers offering unique content and cultivating an engaging online community on the platform:

노돌리 – nodolly is a charismatic Twitch streamer known for his “crazy game broadcasts.” His lively and energetic demeanor makes his streams exciting and unpredictable, keeping his viewers on the edge of their seats.

애순이 – aesoon_96 is a Twitch streamer primarily focused on Just Chatting streams. Her simple yet immersive approach to streaming has successfully gathered an engaging community around her channel.

itsJadeyAnh – itsJadeyAnh is a popular Twitch streamer known for her various streams. With her impressive gaming skills and engaging personality, Jade has built a loyal following. Besides gaming, she frequently hosts chats and Q&A sessions, offering advice and sharing personal experiences with her followers, creating a warm and inviting community.

milkypuff – milkypuff is a unique personality in the Twitch sphere. She is a Tokyo cosplayer with a profound passion for cartoons.

AnisaJomha – AnisaJomha, also identified as “iDubbbz’s girlfriend,” is a Twitch streamer who has gained popularity through her non-gaming Just Chatting sessions. She provides a mix of talk show and mukbang (eating shows) live streams and frequently interacts with her viewers. Besides her streaming career, she is known for her relationship with fellow internet personality iDubbbz.

These are just some of the streamers you can record on The platform not only simplifies the streaming experience but also offers secure and unlimited storage. The streams are stored on the servers free of charge, eliminating any fears of losing access to your precious streams or having to pay storage fees. You can record your desired streams and watch them whenever you desire, completely free of charge.

Getting started with is a breeze. Once you’ve logged in with your Google account and set up your stream recording preferences, the platform takes care of the rest. The free plan offers automatic recording of streams in 720p quality and the ability to record up to three streamers at once. You can access and watch your recorded streams anytime using our built-in player or download the full video file if you wish.

For those who seek an enhanced streaming experience, the premium plan offers several additional features. You can record in up to 8k quality, access an archive of all your recordings, enjoy faster download speeds, and record up to 100 streamers at once.

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About StreamRecorder is a free online stream recording service that offers users the ability to automatically record their favorite live streams for later viewing or download them to their PCs.


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