Style America Welcomes Van Holten’s Pickles To Its Spectacular Lineup Of Genuine American Merchandise

Brings the popular pickle flavors from the company to customers in the UK

Taste America has welcomed Van Holten’s Pickles to its impressive lineup of authentic American products, thus bringing the popular flavors from the brand to customers in the UK.

Taste America was established in 2010 in the gorgeous medieval town of Tonbridge, Kent. The family-owned and operated business has been dedicated to the cause of bringing only the best American Food, snacks, and drinks to people in the UK. It has consistently done that and is today considered the leading and trusted supplier of authentic American grocery products in the country.

Taste America has welcomed Van Holten’s Pickles to its impressive lineup of authentic American products
Taste America

The glowing customer reviews Taste America has received are a testament to the quality of the products it offers them. With its exceptional customer service and free delivery across the UK, it has endeared itself to its loyal customer base which has grown consistently. But at the heart of its popularity is the fact that the company controls its stock levels carefully and receives regular American shipments to ensure that its customers find the freshest products.

From the choicest American coffee to barbeque sauces, baking products, cereals, iced tea, cookies, sunflower seeds, Jell-O, seasoning, peanut butter, toppings and syrups, and chewing gum, it has a wide range of options for customers to choose from. And Pickles has been one of the most popular choices for consumers in the country, who love their delectable tastes and flavors that hit the right spot with them.

While Taste America already had a versatile range of options for its customers, it has now added Van Holten’s Pickles into the mix for them. The brand steeped in history was established in Milwaukee, WI in 1898. While it started with vinegar, the brand grew with time to become a popular supplier of pickle products and sauerkraut. Today the name Van Holten has become synonymous with top quality and impeccable taste.

In 1939, the company created the first pickle in a pouch or a bag. Since then they have become the perfect choice for an on-the-go lifestyle as they are suited for snacking or lunch boxes. It’s interesting to note that Van Holten’s offers varied flavors including Dill Pickle, Hot & Spicy Pickle, Van Holten King, Holten Dill Pickle, Garlic Pickle, Sour Pickle, In Sweet And Zesty flavours, Van Holtens Hot Pickle, Large Pickles, King Size Pickle.

And its Hot Mama Pickle has been a perennial favorite with people worldwide. The hot and spicy pickle in a bag is fiery but has the perfect balance of heat and flavor. It works perfectly with rolls, hot dogs, burgers, etc. Now these and all other Van Holten’s pickle offerings are available at UK’s trusted store.

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Since its launch in the UK in 2010, the family owned and operated business based out of Tonbridge, Kent has become the leading supplier of imported American snacks, food, and drinks in the country.


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