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Exclusive Tips, Recipes, and History about Cupcakes and Much More

Sweethaus.com is pleased to announce that they have acquired Ulimana.com, an exclusive resource center for all things cupcakes. All the readers of Ulimana are now welcome to join the ever-growing community of bakers here at Sweet Haus. This site is now updated with all the posts from Ulimana and archived here. So, anyone looking for old posts may feel free to browse this site. Sweethaus.com is now featuring exclusive information about cupcakes. Cupcakes are the true pleasures that life can offer. Nothing beats the aroma from the kitchen or bakery from the freshly baked cupcakes and muffins. As much as they are enjoyable to eat, they are equally satisfying to make. The best thing is that these cakes are versatile. They suit any party, occasion, or event.


The other advantage is that one can experiment and create amazing flavors with the available ingredients. From the weirdest combinations to infusing popular flavors from other desserts, cupcakes can get as creative as the baker’s mind. So, cupcake enthusiasts might want to know that these tiny desserts originated in 1796 and were created by Amelia Simmons with the first recipe written in the American Cookery food magazine. However, they didn’t get their name up until 1828 and it was Eliza Leslie who created a recipe using the word cupcake.

Sometimes, it is good to know a little history. It helps people appreciate it better be it food or a thing at home. These and many more interesting facts can be found here at Sweet Haus. Another beautiful fact is that these cakes were also known as 1234 cakes based on their ingredients. 1 cup butter, 2 cups sugar, 3 cups flour, and four cups eggs. The reason why these tiny cakes became popular was because of their size itself. They were also inexpensive as making small batches was much easier than bigger ones, and it reduced wastage people loved buying small cakes more than bigger ones.

Decorate them with frosting or toppings, one can use the choicest of ingredients to make their cupcakes stand out. There always needs to be clarity between cupcakes and muffins. One of the significant differences is that cupcakes are fluffier, softer, and crumbier. Muffins on the other hand are dense, moist, and less fluffy. Muffins are usually larger in size when compared to cupcakes. And then there are Fairy Cakes which are quite popular in the UK. These are similar to cupcakes except that they are made using Victoria sponge and simple icing. Readers can find some fascinating information about cupcakes along with recipes and tips to make the best cupcakes every time.

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