Texas Abortion Act, Replace on Masks – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Value

One of the authors of the Texas Abortion Act, which went into effect Wednesday and bans most abortions after six weeks, State Sen. Bryan Hughes (R-Mineola), will discuss the bill after the end of the second special session of the legislature that summer.

“This bill says if a fetus heartbeat is detected, if a heartbeat is detected, as that little unborn baby grows in the womb, that little baby is the most innocent, helpless, and most vulnerable a human will ever be,” said Hughes, who also wrote the new electoral law of Texas.

The new electoral law adds ID requirements, restricts postal voting and mailboxes, and adds new controls for local electoral officials.

US MP Marc Veasey (D-Fort Worth) also spoke to Julie Fine and Gromer Jeffers about Lone Star Politics this week.

“We have to put states like Texas back in the pre-screening process because that won’t be the end. People have to understand that,” Veasey said. “You’re building on something that I think will get more extreme, suppress even more voices, and that’s just the beginning.”

And in an exclusive digital interview, attorney David Coale explains the problems the legislature encountered during the special session when trying to legislate for face masks.

“You’re trying to find a compromise. You have to find something that everyone can live with. It’s impossible to compromise these mask things,” Coale said. “When you have an opt-in or an opt-out, it’s not a universal masking anymore and it’s not a masking anymore. It doesn’t work. You have to have a lot of people doing it for it to work. You tried to.” accomplish all of these compromises and it inherently cannot be compromised so it kind of fell apart. “

See or listen to the full conversation with Coale.

Almost a month into the new school year, school districts, cities, and counties across North Texas have different mask requirements.

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