The Arizona Senate GOP’s 2020 election report has been delayed once more | Arizona politics

PHOENIX (AP) – The delivery of a 2020 vote counting report to the Arizona Senate Republicans was again delayed Monday after the Donald Trump supporter who led the effort and several others involved contracted COVID-19 “and quite ill said the Senate GOP leader.

Republican Senate President Karen Fann said she still expected to receive part of the report on Monday. She did not give a date for submitting the complete draft.

It is the latest delay in the unprecedented partisan review, which has so far taken more than double the original 60 days.

The count is complete, but the Arizona Senate electoral review is still ongoing

The report was commissioned by Senate Republicans and funded primarily by Trump’s allies promoting his unsupported election fraud story. It won’t be published right away. Rather, two senior Republican senators, along with their attorneys and advisors, will examine whether the findings are supported by evidence.

Fann said that anything that lacks adequate support will be removed.

“We want to see their evidence, their documentation, and everything to make sure the report published is completely accurate,” he said.

Cyber ​​Ninjas, the little cybersecurity advisor with no electoral experience whom Fann hired to conduct the review, was originally due to release its findings in May but has postponed the schedule several times.

Election experts were very critical of the review that Fann launched late last year when Trump and his allies unsuccessfully sought reasons to block certification of Democrat Joe Biden’s Jan. 6 victory.

Election experts say Cyber ​​Ninjas and their subcontractors are biased, incompetent, and employ bizarre, ever-changing practices that cannot produce reliable results. Cyber ​​Ninjas owner Doug Logan has spread false conspiracy theories about the election, and his review has been funded almost entirely by Trump allies active in the “stop-the-steal” movement.

“Real audits, legitimate audits are done within a timeframe,” said Jennifer Morrell, post-election review expert and advisor to election officials, on Monday. “There is a defined start and stop time. They are made public. “

None of that is the case with the Maricopa County review, Morrell said.

Fann shared some details about the COVID-19 outbreak with the team that led her review, but said the symptoms are not mild.

“The team expected to have the full draft ready for the Senate today, but unfortunately Cyber ​​Ninjas CEO Doug Logan and two other members of the five-person audit team tested positive for COVID-19 and are quite ill,” she said in a Opinion.

Katie Hobbs: Senate electoral exam “did not meet basic standards”

A spokesman for Logan, Rod Thomson, declined to comment.

Fann said she would meet on Wednesday to discuss the first parts of the Cyber ​​Ninjas report with Republican Senator Warren Petersen, chairman of the judiciary committee; Ken Bennett, a former Republican Secretary of State who was Fann’s liaison with the auditors before he was locked out; and Randy Pullen, a former Arizona Republican Party chairman who was also a liaison officer. Four lawyers will also be involved, she said.

The team will meet again when the rest of the report is ready, she said, and the results will be presented publicly to the Justice Committee, which includes Republicans and Democrats.

Meanwhile, senior Democrats on the US House of Representatives Oversight and Reform Committee again asked Logan to hand over a wide range of documents related to the audit. Logan’s attorney, Jack Wilenchick, sent 336 pages of documents, many of which had been publicly released. Most of the committee’s demands were too broad or covered by attorney and law privileges, Wilenchik wrote on Aug. 9.

“If your company, pretending to be lawful in the public interest, continues to obstruct the committee’s investigation, the committee will be forced to consider other steps to achieve compliance,” said US MP Carolyn Maloney from New York and Jamie Raskin from Maryland wrote to Logan on Monday.

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