The Lionheart Foundation – Empowering Girls With Anxiety Disorders

The Calgary-based Lionheart Foundation has the motto of providing children with the tools they require to be able to maintain their mental health. There are many programs that can help. These include subsidy schemes for families who require counseling and a well-deserved award winning video showing how to support people suffering from mental illness. The Foundation also assists adolescent girls suffering from anxiety-related disorders.

You can dealing with back to school anxiety. Perhaps the most well-known program is the Subsidy Program, a philanthropic endeavor aimed at delivering high quality, timely, and cost-effective mental health care to financially disadvantaged youth. The program offers therapy for youth with suicidal or eating disorders. The child must have an underlying condition and the desire to receive these services to be eligible for the program.

One of the more enlightening aspects of the program is their dedication to a “whole of community” approach to treating children with a variety of mental health issues. This is particularly true for girls who are young and suffer from anxiety-related disorders. These girls are at an elevated risk of not only participating in risky activities, but also carrying their challenges into adulthood. The organization can help these youngsters navigate their way through adolescence by providing them with treatments and resources.

The Lionheart Foundation launched its new website just a few months ago. The site was created to promote the organization’s services to the public as well as to give donors an interactive experience. Apart from its sleek and elegant design, the Foundation has a variety of features. Some of the most interesting include a multimedia center, an educational video, an online social media hub and a variety of other resources to assist families and teens with issues related to mental health in adolescents. Also, the site is an indicator of things to come, including the renovation of the facility, which will include more space for the youth programs. The site is protected by various security measures, including the most up-to-date SSL security and firewall. It is worth noting that the foundation has an overall rating of four stars based on one beacon score.

With more than ten, a slew of programs and activities to choose from, and a number of partners at the ready the organization is likely to last for a while. The organization will remain an important asset for the mental health industry as the number of young Canadians suffering from mental disorders is increasing.

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