The weekend is all about enjoyable. Vote to your favourite leisure spots on DFW.

Keyword orchestra. Turn on the spotlight. Dance a jig if you tend to. Whatever helps you channel your favorite form of entertainment is fine with us. You’ve probably got some fun things planned for this weekend, but we’d encourage you to take a few minutes to browse the categories of the Best in DFW Reader’s Choice Awards and vote for all of your favorites. It could be worth $ 1,000 to you with very little effort (more on that later).

As you prepare to go into town for some fun, think of all the shops that fill your life with laughter, music, and the occasional introspection. What’s the best live theater venue in town? Everyone’s favorite karaoke bar? The sports team that will get you on your feet and cheer for victory? These are just a few of the entertainment categories that you can use to express your opinion. There are only a few days left to vote, but you can cast a ballot any day through Thursday, September 2nd, every time you enter a Central Market raffle for the thousand dollar prize we propose have mentioned a few sentences.

Return to on Sunday, November 14th, or pick up an issue of the Dallas Morning News that features a special magazine featuring the winners in all 165 categories. Keep it as a handy guide or bookmark the website to see the best of what DFW has to offer. Reference it often and celebrate that you have so many amazing local options to help you make life as comfortable as possible.

To start voting, click here.

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